Arduino Projects for beginners in 2020, with Code and Circuit Diagram

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2020)

Arduino projects for beginners


Arduino Projects for Beginners with Code and Circuit Diagram “2019-2020”- This article is especially for those boys and girls who are new to Arduino Uno and want to learn, how to use some of the most frequently used Sensors with the Arduino. Due to the advancement in technology, a lot of new sensors are designed and launched in the market. In this article, I am going to share with you top Arduino based projects which can be easily created by the beginners. These projects are carefully selected because these projects can be easily modified into advanced level projects.

Without any further delay let’s get started!!!

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Arduino Projects for Beginners:

Water Flow Rate & Volume Measurement using Water Flow Sensor & Arduino “Fluid Flow Rate Sensor”



The Water Flow Rate Sensor can be used in so many amazing projects. You can make your own water/liquid volume measurement system which is only possible if you know about the basics of the Water Flow Sensor.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to accurately measure the Water Flow Rate and Water volume using the Water Flow Sensor YF-S401, Arduino UNO, and a 12v DC Water Pump.

Working on the Water Flow Sensor is a bit tricky whether you are using YF-S401 or YF-S201 Hall Effect Water Flow Sensor, and that’s the reason, most of the people complain about the wrong values. There are things that we need to take care of while using the Water Flow Sensor.  As per the datasheet, when water flows through the rotor, rotor rolls. Its speed changes with different rates of flow. If we can keep the pressure and flow constant we can make an accurate water volume measurement system. I solved this problem by using a 12v Water Pump.

In this tutorial, I have explained what’s inside a Water Flow Sensor and how it works. I have also explained the complete circuit diagram, making, and Arduino programming.

Read Article “code + Circuit”:

Water Flow Sensor Arduino, Water Flow Rate & Volume Measurement

MPU6050 Arduino Wiring, Library, and Code to find the Angle “GY-521”

The MPU6050 gyroscope sensor one of the most frequently used sensors throughout the world. I believe every beginner should learn about the MPU6050. Using the MPU6050 sensor, you can build a self-balancing robot, a self-balancing bicycle, a hand gesture controlled robot, a self-balancing platform for a Camera, you can control an onscreen 3d model with this sensor, etc. The MPU6050 sensor can be used in thousands of projects, but it is only possible if you know about the extreme basics, like its wiring with the Arduino and Arduino Programming.

Read the article “Code + Circuit”:

MPU6050 Arduino Wiring, Library, and Code to find the Angle

Arduino RTC DS3231 Time and Date display on a 16×2 LCD “Real Time Clock”


The RTC DS3231 Real Time Clock is one of my most favorite electronic components. This is the most accurate Real-Time Clock and I believe every beginner should learn how to use the RTC DS3231. You can build beginner and advanced level projects using this Real-Time Clock. You can make an Automatic School Bell, you can build a Sensor monitoring system which displays the sensor data with date and time information, you can make an automatic load management system using RTC DS3231, etc.

Read the article “Code + Circuit”:

Arduino RTC DS3231 Time and Date display on a 16×2 LCD

Arduino Project: pH sensor Working, application & Calibration “Water quality Monitoring”

The pH Sensor is becoming very popular among the electrical and electronics engineering students and professionals, and that’s the reason I am putting this sensor in the list of Arduino Projects for beginners. This tutorial explains the extreme basics, which will help you use this sensor in advanced level water quality monitoring systems.

Read the article “Code + Circuit”:

ph sensor Arduino, how do ph sensors work, application of ph meter, ph sensor calibration

CD ROM stepper motor Arduino L298n + Joystick controlled speed and direction Control

This is the era of 3D printing and CNC machines technologies. Sooner or later, every electronics hobbyist or professional wish to work on such fully automatic electro-mechanical projects. In 3D printing and CNC machines, the Stepper Motors are used. Before, you can make advanced level projects using the Stepper Motors you need to know about the Stepper Motors basics. This tutorial explains how to use Stepper Motor. In this tutorial, a joystick is used to control the speed and direction of Stepper Motor.

Read the article “Code + Circuit”:

CD ROM Stepper motor Arduino L298n + Joystick controlled speed and Direction Control

Arduino L298N dc motor control code | L298N motor Driver Arduino | Arduino motor driver L298N

The reason I am putting this project in the list of Arduino Projects for Beginners is that I know every beginner wants to make a robot that he/she can control using a cell phone, joystick, etc. The L298N Motor Driver is used in a small robot for controlling the direction and speed of DC Motors. The L298N motor driver can be used in so many projects. In this tutorial, I have explained everything that you need to know about this amazing Motor Driver module. As a beginner, you should definitely learn how to use this Motor controller.

Read the article “Code + Circuit”:

Arduino L298n Motor Driver control Tutorial, Speed & Direction, PWM

Arduino Hc-05 | Hc-06 Bluetooth Pin Code and Name changing | Bluetooth module AT commands

Things are becoming smarter day by day. Home appliances are controlled wirelessly using a cell phone App, the car engine and doors are controlled using a smart cell phone, the robots are controlled wirelessly, the sensors are monitored via cell phone, etc. The Bluetooth technology is quite famous and is being used for years and of course, will be used in the future. The HC05 or HC06 Bluetooth modules are very famous. I have been using these Bluetooth modules for years in different projects. I have so many projects available on my YouTube channel, in which I have used these Bluetooth modules. Due to the importance of this sensor, I added the Bluetooth module in the list of Arduino Projects for Beginners.

Read the article “Code + Circuit”:

Arduino Bluetooth Pin Code and Name changing using AT commands

There are so many other beginner-level projects which you can find in different categories available on this website and on my YouTube channel Electronic Clinic”.

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