NRF24L01 Multiple Transmitters

NRF24L01 Multiple Transmitters and Single Receiver for Sensor Monitoring using Arduino

NRF24L01 Multiple Transmitters, Description: NRF24L01 Multiple Transmitters and Single Receiver– Using the NRF24L01 transceiver modules you can monitor and control different processes. You can either use a pair of the long-range NRF24L01... Read more »

Instant Water Heater, DIY Tankless water heater, and the Glow Plug Scam exposed

Instant Water Heater, Description: DIY Tankless Instant Water heater– In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your own low cost tankless instant water heater or on demand water heater at... Read more »
Wireless Battery Voltage Monitoring

Wireless Battery Voltage Monitoring using Arduino, NRF24L01, & Bluetooth

Long Range Wireless Battery Voltage Monitoring, Description: Long Range Wireless Battery Voltage Monitoring– In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a Long Range Wireless Battery Voltage Monitoring system using Arduino,... Read more »

Arduino Modbus RS485, Arduino RS485 Master and Slave

Arduino Modbus RS485, Overview: Arduino Modbus RS485 Master and Slave– In this tutorial, you will learn how to communicate between two Arduino’s using Modbus Serial Communication protocol. One Arduino will act as... Read more »

Arduino Sleep Modes Automatic and Manual to Save Power, Arduino Deep Sleep

Arduino Sleep Modes, Description: Arduino Sleep Modes Automatic and Manual to Save Battery Power– I have been making Arduino based projects for quite a long time. Sometimes I power up the Arduino... Read more »

TOF10120 Laser Rangefinder + Arduino + Display, Interfacing & Code

TOF10120 Laser Range Sensor, Description: TOF10120 Laser Range Sensor with Arduino– So far I have been using Ultrasonic Sensor for the distance measurement and used this sensor in so many amazing projects... Read more »
SMS GPS Security Tracking

Make your own SMS GPS Security Tracking System with Google’s Map URL Link

SMS GPS Security Tracking System, Description: SMS GPS Security Tracking System– If you feel like you are being followed by someone or if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and... Read more »
pH Meter Working

pH Meter Working Principle, pH Sensor Working Principle Explained

pH Meter working principle, Overview: pH Meter Working Principle– I have been using pH sensor or ph Meter in different projects for measuring the water quality. I used the pH meter with... Read more »
Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors: Inductive and Capacitive Proximity Sensors with Arduino

Proximity sensors: Proximity actually meaning is nearness, so the proximity sensor is a sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects by generating frequency without any contact with the object. Electromagnetic... Read more »
Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen Sensor used in Automobiles KE25 and its use with Arduino

Oxygen sensor: The oxygen sensor is located on the exhaust system in automobiles the size and shape of the oxygen sensor looks like a spark plug based upon its arrangement. Most of... Read more »