ESP32 CAM Face Recognition

ESP32 Cam Face Recognition Door Lock System circuit and programming

ESP32 Cam Face Recognition, Description: ESP32 Cam Face Recognition Door Lock System– This is my third tutorial on the ESP32 Camera module. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make Face... Read more »
ESP32 Camera Module

ESP32 Camera Module Live Video Streaming with Sensor Monitoring and Controlling

ESP32 Camera Module, Description: ESP32 Camera Module Live Video Streaming with Sensor Monitoring and Controlling- In my last tutorial I explained how to program the ESP32 Camera using the Arduino IDE, In... Read more »
Forest Fire Detection System

Forest Fire Detection System using Arduino and Image Processing

Forest Fire Detection System Project Description: Forest Fire Detection System- This project is based on image processing based forest fire detection along with an email notification. It concentrates in particular on systems... Read more »
image processing

Arduino Image processing CCTV camera system using

  Arduino Image Processing CCTV Project Description: In this Project “Arduino Image processing CCTV camera system”, you will learn how to make your own Arduino based CCTV camera system using image processing,... Read more »
Arduino Camera Tracking

Arduino Camera Tracking System using Image processing EmguCv

Arduino Camera Tracking Project Description: Arduino Camera Tracking– In this Tutorial, you will learn how to make an image processing based human face tracking system using Arduino and which is also... Read more »
eye pupil tracking

Arduino image processing Eye Pupil Tracking, how to make Haarcascade XML file

Eye Pupil Tracking, Image Processing based project Description: eye pupil tracking– A few months back I uploaded a project on “Arduino Image Processing human face recognition and Entrance control using the electronic... Read more »

OCR Optical Character recognition using and Arduino

OCR Project Description: This tutorial is based on the OCR “Optical character recognition” technology. In this project, the car number plates will be scanned using the OCR. For the Car number plates... Read more »
Arduino image processing

Arduino Image Processing based Entrance lock Control System

  Arduino Image Processing Project Description: Arduino Image Processing- This Project is based on Image Processing using Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition, Arduino Uno or Mega, and a 12 Volt Electronic Lock.... Read more »