Rotary Pump

Types of Rotary Pumps, Screw Pump, Gear Pump, Lobe Pump, and Vane Pump

Rotary Pumps, Description: I am sure you know what is a pump and for what purpose a pump is used. It is a device that is used to move the fluids; it... Read more »
Flow Meter

Flow Meter Working Principle, Mag Meter, Mechanical, Vortex, & Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flow Meter Working Principle: flow meter:- There are many types of flow meters available for use in industrial automation depending on the product to be measured whether it’s liquid or gas; some... Read more »
industrial IoT

Industrial IoT Safety project, iiot, Industrial Internet of Things using Arduino & ESP8266

Description: Industrial IoT Safety Project– In this project, you will learn how to make an Industrial IoT safety project using Nodemcu ESP8266 Wifi Module, Arduino Uno, Water PH Sensor,  MQ-135 Smoke Sensor,... Read more »
HMI Intelligent TFT LCD

10.1” HMI Intelligent TFT LCD Module, Display Panel, & Touchscreen

Description: The 10.1” HMI Intelligent TFT LCD Module used in this video is sponsored by Stone Technologies. Stone Technologies is a professional Manufacturer of HMI Intelligent TFT LCD modules.  Depending on the... Read more »
Product counting

Arduino Industrial level Product counting system objects counting

Product Counting Arduino based Project Description: Arduino based Product Counting system- In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your own Industrial level product counting system using Arduino, 16×2 LCD and... Read more »