2-Axis Joystick Arduino Project, Joystick Button & Joystick Library Arduino

Description: 2-Axis Joystick Arduino Project- In this Tutorial, you will learn how to use a 2-Axis analog joystick with Arduino and control some led’s as per the movement of the joystick. We... Read more »
16x2 LCD

16×2 LCD Arduino, Introduction, Pinout, datasheet,and Proteus simulation

Description: This Tutorial “Arduino 16×2 LCD” is based on the famous 16×2 LCD interfacing and programming. LCD modules are commonly used in most embedded projects, the reason being its cheap price, availability... Read more »
motion sensor

How to make Motion Sensor light Homemade | PIR light sensor | Automatic light switch

Description: In this Tutorial you will learn how to control a 110 or 220vac Disco Light using only PIR Sensor. PIR Sensor is one of the most commonly used sensors for motion... Read more »
micro vibration motor

Arduino micro vibration motor | Arduino vibration motor code, interfacing

Description: In this Tutorial, you will learn how to use a micro vibration motor with Arduino. For the best understanding a variable resistor will be used to control the vibration motor. by... Read more »
Water level monitoring

Water level monitoring using Ultrasonic Sensor | Water Tank level monitoring

Description: In this Tutorial, you will learn how to make a Water level monitoring system using Arduino, ultrasonic sensor and some leds. The leds are used to show the percentage of water... Read more »
soil moisture sensor

Arduino Soil Moisture Sensor Getting Started Tutorial

Description: In this Tutorial, you will learn how to use a soil moisture sensor with Arduino. A soil moisture sensor has many applications, especially in agriculture. Before I use this sensor in... Read more »
wireless battery

Wireless battery voltage monitor using Arduino and Bluetooth

Description: In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your own wireless battery voltage monitoring system using Arduino, Bluetooth module and an Android cell phone. This wireless battery voltage monitoring system... Read more »
limit switch

Arduino Uno limit switch Interfacing and Programming

Description:  This is a very detailed tutorial on how to use a limit switch with Arduino or Mega. This Tutorial explains everything from interfacing to the final testing. For the complete circuit... Read more »

Flexiforce pressure sensor or force sensitive resistor “FSR” Programming & calibration using Arduino

Description: This Tutorial is about the FlexiForce sensor. In this tutorial I will show you the easiest and simplest way how to calibrate the flexiforce sensor, During the calibration we will be... Read more »
Bluetooth arduino

Arduino Bluetooth Pin Code and Name changing using AT commands

Description:  Arduino Bluetooth- This is a very basic and yet very important Tutorial in which you will learn how to change the name and pin code or password of the Bluetooth module... Read more »