Electronics Communication, Twisted pair cable, Coaxial cable, Optical fiber, & Wireless Media

Electronics communication: Electronics communication- In this article, we will study electronic communication in which we will learn about elements of a communication system, IEEE spectrum, different types of wired media such as... Read more »

Cellular Communication: Cell, Cluster group, Cell Splitting, Handoff, SIM

Cellular Communication: Cellular Communication- The face of communication is rapidly changing with the rapidly progressing of cell phone technology. So it is important to understand how a cellphone works. Cellphones are actually... Read more »

Classification of Signal, Analog Signal Vs Digital Signal with different types explained

Classification of Signal: In the communication we had seen the basic block diagram of the communication system and the first block of this communication is the message signal. So if the message... Read more »

Ethernet Network Cables, Ethernet Cables Categories, and Power over Ethernet

Ethernet: Ethernet network cables are used in local area network. This local environment is defined as local area network and it connects multiple devices so they can create, store, and share information... Read more »

Causal Vs Non Causal systems, Time variant and Time invariant, Linear Vs nonlinear system

Causal VS Non Causal system: We are discussing causal and non-causal systems together because they are closely related. We can easily differentiate between causal and non-causal systems. In order to find out... Read more »

Antenna, How Antennas Work, and Types of Antenna

Antenna: Antenna is a metallic conductor system capable of capturing and radiating electromagnetic energy means it can radiate and receive electromagnetic wave from one position to another. It converts the electromagnet energy... Read more »

Network Topologies: Start, Ring, Mesh, Bus, Tree, Hybrid, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Topology

Network topologies: Network Topologies: Topologies are the layout of how a network communicates with different devices. Network topologies basically mean the design of the network. Network is basically the communication between different... Read more »


Network types: Network types depend upon the how large they are and how much an area they cover geographically. Most people who have a basic knowledge of networking are familiar with terms... Read more »

Circuit Switching and Packet Switching |Circuit Switched Network vs Packet switched network

Circuit Switching and Packet Switching: While studying about the circuit switching and Packet Switching I come across a very nice video created by Tech Terms YouTube channel. Link to the video tutorial... Read more »
Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics, Fiber Optical System, Fiber Optic Components, Optical Couplers

Fiber optics: Fiber Optics– Have you ever thought about how you get e-mails or any other information from any corner of the world within a blink of an eye? This has been... Read more »