Ethernet Network Cables, Ethernet Cables Categories, and Power over Ethernet

Ethernet: Ethernet network cables are used in local area network. This local environment is defined as local area network and it connects multiple devices so they can create, store, and share information... Read more »

Python Programming Syntax Rules with Examples

Python programming: Python Programming syntax:- Programming means giving instructions to a computer to perform a specific task. Such instructions must be given using a programming language, not human speaking languages. We can... Read more »
Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging and How to Make Wireless Charger

Wireless charging: Wireless charging at least in its current state is kind of misleading compared to wireless internet or a wireless game controller. Wireless charging requires such close proximity between your phone... Read more »

Computer Memory, Primary and Secondary Memory and their types fully explained

Computer Memory: Computer Memory- In this article we will be looking at different types of the computer memories “Primary and Secondary Memories”. We will also study about RAM, DRAM, SRAM, ROM, PROM,... Read more »

Radar, Types of Radar, Radar Range Equation, and Radar uses

Radar: RADAR stands for radio detection and ranging or radio direction ranging. Radar used radio frequency for object detection and with the help of the radar we can detect the target unknown... Read more »

Causal Vs Non Causal systems, Time variant and Time invariant, Linear Vs nonlinear system

Causal VS Non Causal system: We are discussing causal and non-causal systems together because they are closely related. We can easily differentiate between causal and non-causal systems. In order to find out... Read more »

Pulse Width Modulation PWM fully Explained with calculation and Arduino LED Example

Pulse width modulation PWM: PWM stands for pulse width modulation which consists of a square wave with the help of which we can control the up or high time. It is simple... Read more »

Buck Converter Designing and Working Explained

Buck Converter: Buck converter circuit works by reducing the voltage at the input. Now there are a lot of other circuits that can reduce the voltage such as a voltage divider circuit... Read more »
SD Card Module

SD Card Module with Arduino & ESP32, Arduino Data Logger, ESP32 Data Logger

SD Card Module with Arduino & ESP32: SD Card Module with Arduino and ESP32- There are times when you need to store the sensor’s values in a text file for later processing.... Read more »

Touch Screen, Resistive, Ultrasound acoustic surface, Capacitive, Infrared, and Optical touchscreen

Touch Screen: Touch screens are everywhere not only in smartphones but in ATM machines, super markets and even in aeroplanes. All the touch screens are not same. The old screen can be... Read more »