What’s Inside a Substations (Grid)

Overview: In this article we will be looking at substations What is substation Why we use substation What is the working and components of substation? How many types of substation are there?... Read more »

Photovoltaic Cell or Solar Cell Construction and Working

Photovoltaic Cell: Photovoltaic Cell or Solar Cell- The contribution of solar energy to the world total energy supply in the last two decades has grown significantly. Energy from the sun is the... Read more »

Gas Turbine Power Plant and Types of Gas Turbine

Gas turbine Power plant: A gas power plant burns natural gas to generate the electricity. As the name suggest the gas power plant is operated by using gas. Gas is the operating... Read more »

Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Application of Fuel Cells, construction, and Working

Hydrogen Fuel cell: The greenhouse gases is making our atmosphere hotter more unpredictable and turbulent. The emission free mobility has long been more than just a dream. There are many reasons but... Read more »

Geothermal Power Plant Working Explained, Geothermal Energy

Geothermal power plant, Overview: Geothermal Power Plant– Geo means earth and thermal means heat; geothermal is energy of earth so it is the mechanism of extracting of heat from the earth. Heat... Read more »

Biogas Power Plant, Biomass Power Plant, Biomass Electricity

Biogas power plant: Biogas Power Plant- Biomass or bio energy refers to energy produced from the organic matters. Biomass is defined as living matter or its residue which is renewable energy source.... Read more »

Diesel Power Plant, Diesel Engine two stroke and 4 stroke

Diesel Power Plant, Overview: The diesel power plant is also known as standby power plant because the power generated by the diesel power plant is less as compare to the thermal and... Read more »

Tidal Power Plant, Ocean tide, Tidal energy, Power Generation

Tidal power Plant The water of the oceans of the world is almost always in motion hardly interrupted ever, waves break at the coast line sometimes stronger sometime weaker. There is enormous... Read more »

Magneto Hydro Dynamic Power Generation

Magneto hydrodynamic power generation: Power generation through magneto hydrodynamic generation was introduced in 1832 first time by Michel Faraday. In which electrical energy is produced by converting heat into electrical energy. Magneto... Read more »
Industrial Gas Turbine

Industrial Gas Turbine Working Principle, MGT6100 and MGT6200

Industrial Gas turbine working principle: Industrial Gas Turbine Working Principle– with the MGT series from MAN Diesel & Turbo has created a family of industrial gas turbines that it has developed at... Read more »