Thermal Power Plant

Thermal Power Plant, Working of Thermal Power Plant, Largest thermal power Plants in the world

Thermal power plant: A Thermal power plant converts the chemical energy stored in the fossil fuels into electrical energy. Thermal power plant helps almost half of the world power demand. They use... Read more »
Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant, Types of Nuclear reactor, Working & 5 Biggest Nuclear Plants in the world

Nuclear power plant: Nuclear Power Plant- In this article we will study in detail about the Nuclear Power Plant, Types of Nuclear Reactors, working of the Nuclear Power Plant, and in the... Read more »
Wind Energy

Wind Energy, Wind Power Plant, Wind Turbine Working

Wind Power plant: Basically a power plant is a place where electricity is produced. Wind energy describes the process by which wind rotates the blade of the turbine the wind consists of... Read more »
Hydroelectric Power Plant

Hydroelectric Power Plant Working, Hydro Turbines Types, calculations

Hydroelectric power plant: Hydroelectric is derived from two word hydro from hydraulic which means energy present in the water and electric is from electrical energy which is produced due to the flow... Read more »
Piezoelectric Power Generation

Piezoelectric Power Generation & Automatic Street lights using Arduino

Description: Piezoelectric Power Generation & Automatic Street lights using Arduino- This project is based on the Piezoelectric Sensors used to generate the power which can be stored in a 12V battery. This... Read more »
Reduce Electric Bill with Solar Panels

Reduce Electric Bill with Solar Panels, Reduce Electricity costs

Description: Reduce Electric Bill with Solar Panels– Electric bills are one of the major reasons people go Solar. But trust me; reducing the electric bill is not the only problem that people... Read more »

how to make Piezoelectric Generator

Piezoelectric Generator Project Description: Piezoelectric Generator is a power generation based Project based on the Piezoelectric sensors. In this project, a total of 72 piezoelectric sensors are used. These 72 piezoelectric sensors... Read more »