speaker repair

Speaker Repairing at Home | Speaker Repair | Speaker Fixing | Repair my Speaker

Speaker repairing at home, Description: Speaker Repairing at Home– In this article, I am going to explain how to fix or repair a speaker at home in just 30 minutes. After reading... Read more »

Display Panels: LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED, and S-AMOLED

Display panels: display panels- There are majorly five panel types of display or display panel other are also there but mainly these five are used: LCD: liquid crystal display LED: Light emitting... Read more »

ATtinny85 Getting Started Tutorial, and its programming with Arduino

ATtinny85 microcontroller: ATtinny85 Microcontroller– ATtinny85 can be a best choice when planning to reduce the project size and development cost. With the ATtinny85 Microcontroller you can do amazing things as it can... Read more »

Near Field Communication NFC, NFC Technology Explained

NFC (Near field Communication): Near field Communication or NFC is a technology that requires two devices to be within its proximity of each other and to elaborate on this if we have... Read more »

Ring Counter and Johnson Counter explained

Ring counter: A ring counter is typical application of the shift register. In ring counter we store one bit in flip flop and it will rotate in the whole system. We will... Read more »
pcb tinning

PCB Tinning to improve PCB traces current rating, apply solder to PCB traces in eagle

  PCB Tinning, Description: PCB Tinning & how to apply Solder to PCB Traces in Eagle– I have these two PCBs with standard 1.6 mil copper thickness. The one on the right... Read more »
Conductivity Meter

Conductivity Meter working principle Explained, Endress Hauser Memosens CLS82D

Conductivity Meter, Description: Conductivity Meter working Principle- In this article, you will learn the very basics of conductivity meter, everything will be explained with the help you images. Do you know what... Read more »
Types of relays

Types of Relays and how to use them? SPDT, DPDT, and Solid State Relay

Types of Relays, Description: Types of Relays and how to use them- Relays are available in different shapes, sizes, voltage, and current ratings. We have mainly two types of relays electromechanical Relays... Read more »
LDR Light dependent resistor

LDR Light Dependent Resistor, Photoresistor LDR Working, LDR based Projects

LDR Light Dependent Resistor LDR Light dependent resistor is a Photoresistor whose resistance increases or decreases with the intensity of light. Photoresistor is the combination of two words photon which means light... Read more »
Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Cell Phone Signal Jammer Circuit using 555 Timer IC

Cell Phone Signal Jammer Project Description: Cell Phone Signal Jammer using 555 Timer IC– In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your own low-cost Cell Phone Signal Jammer using the... Read more »