Automatic Street Light

Automatic Street Light Control System using 555 Timer IC & LDR

Description: The Automatic street light control system is seriously an amazing project and no doubt this is one of my favorite projects. This is a very small project build around a few... Read more »
555 Timer IC

555 Timer IC Working, Pin Diagram, Examples (Astable, Monostable, Bistable)

555 Timer IC Introduction: The 555 Timer IC is one of my favorite ICs. I have been using this timer IC for years in different electronics based projects, for generating pulses, delays,... Read more »
Reduce water bill

Reduce Water Bill & Electric Bill at Home, DIY project for Home

Description: Reduce Water Bill & Electric Bill at Home- In this tutorial you will learn the simplest method how to reduce the water usage, to reduce the Water Bill and Electric Bill... Read more »

LM317 Adjustable Regulator Power Supply Circuit calculator, Applications, & datasheet

Description: LM317 Adjustable Regulator- In this tutorial you will learn how to make an adjustable variable voltage power supply based on the LM317t regulator. This tutorial explains everything you need to know... Read more »
Salvage Stepper Motors

Salvage Stepper Motors and other useful parts from LaserJet Printer

Description: Salvage Stepper Motors and other useful parts from LaserJet Printer– This article is about how to salvage useful electronic components and parts from a LaserJet printer that can be used in... Read more »
input overvoltage protection

Input Overvoltage protection for Arduino Inputs using a Zener Diode

Description: Input Overvoltage protection Project is based on how to protect your Arduino’s Analog Input Pins and Digital input Pins against Overvoltage using a Zener Diode. The technique I am going to... Read more »
TP4056 charger

Power Bank from Laptop Battery with TP4056 charger & Voltage indicator

Description: In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a power bank from scrap Laptop Battery and make your own Charger using TP4056 and display the charging information using the lithium... Read more »
over load monitoring

Over load monitoring and Protection using Arduino & ACS712 Current sensor

Description: over load monitoring using Arduino- In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an overload monitoring system using Arduino and ACS712 current sensor.  This is the second part of the... Read more »
voltage Monitoring

Arduino AC voltage Monitoring “Over voltage, Normal voltage and Under-voltage

Description: AC voltage Monitoring using Arduino- This tutorial is about the AC voltage monitoring and Protection against Overvoltage and Under voltage. This is part 1 and we will be displaying the voltage... Read more »
street lights

Automatic Street Lights using PIR Sensor code and circuit diagram

  Automatic Street Lights- In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to make an automatic street lights control system using only a PIR sensor. PIR Sensor is one of the most commonly... Read more »