smart car parking system

Smart Car Parking System using Arduino and TOF10120 Laser Range Sensor

Smart Car Parking System: In this tutorial, you will learn how to make the Smart Car Parking System using the Traffic LED Module, Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano, and TOF10120 Laser distance... Read more »
Control Position and Speed of Stepper Motor

Control Position and Speed of Stepper Motor using Android Bluetooth App, A4988 Driver, & Arduino

Control Position and Speed of Stepper Motor: Control Position and Speed of Stepper Motor using Android Bluetooth App, A4988 Driver, & Arduino- I have been using Unipolar and Bipolar Stepper motors for... Read more »
Vibration Sensor with Arduino

Vibration Sensor with Arduino, Vibration Detector AAC 51-000923

Vibration Sensor with Arduino: Vibration Sensor with Arduino- in this tutorial, we are going to be looking at this new type of the Vibration Sensor which is quite different from the one... Read more »

INA219 Current Sensor with Arduino circuit and code explained

INA219 Current Sensor with Arduino: In this article we will study about the INA219 Current Sensor, with this module we can measure current, voltage, and power of a circuit. The INA219 Current... Read more »

SCA60C Angle Sensor with Arduino Interfacing and Programming

SCA60C angle sensor: SCA60C angle sensor with Arduino– In this tutorial, I am going to introduce this VTI technology SCA60C angle sensor to measure the angle using Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano,... Read more »

Shock Sensor Arduino Circuit & Code, KY-002 Shock Sensor

SHOCK SENSOR KY-002 with Arduino: In this tutorial, I am going to show you how the shock sensor works and how we can use it with Arduino. The shock sensor SW11810P also... Read more »

Digital Potentiometer X9C103s Arduino Circuit and Programming

Digital Potentiometer X9C103s Arduino: Digital Potentiometer X9C103s Arduino– In all of my previous projects I have been using Variable resistors or Potentiometers, the resistance of which had to be controlled by manually... Read more »

CO2 Concentration, CO2 PPM, or CO2 Levels using MQ135 Sensor & Arduino

CO2 Concentration using MQ135 Sensor and Arduino: CO2 Concentration with MQ135 Sensor and Arduino– In this article, we will find the concentration of Carbon Dioxide using the MQ135 sensor and display it... Read more »

Arduino Proteus Simulation Basics with Practical Examples

Arduino Proteus Simulation Basics, Description: Arduino Proteus– Proteus simulation software has been my best friend for years. I remember those student life days when I was in hostel and I had no... Read more »

Arduino Vs PLC, Technical Specs, Pinout, and Programming Examples

Description: Arduino Vs PLC- Hello and welcome back to Electronic clinic. In this article, we are going to take a look at the similarities and differences between Arduino and PLC. As you... Read more »