RRDtool based Raspberry Pi Smart Meter

RRDtool based Raspberry Pi Smart Meter, Overview: RRDtool based Raspberry Pi Smart Meter– In this tutorial you will learn how to make a new type of electricity Meter called Smart Meter using... Read more »

Autonomous Car using Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Line Follower Car, Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous car, Overview: Autonomous Car using Raspberry Pi- In this project we are building a small Autonomous car controlled by the Raspberry Pi, which is able to follow a black line independently.... Read more »

Raspberry Pie and Alexa Based Home Automation Project

Description: Raspberry Pi and Alexa Based Home Automation- In this article, we will be making a home automation system using Raspberry Pi 3 and Alexa. A relay module will be interfaced with... Read more »

DS1307 Raspberry Pi RTC Real Time Clock Interfacing and programming

DS1307 Raspberry Pi RTC: DS1307 Raspberry Pi RTC– This article describes how to connect an external RTC real time clock DS1307 to the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi itself does not have... Read more »

Reed Switch with Raspberry Pi, interfacing and Python Programming

Reed Switch with Raspberry Pi: Reed Switch with Raspberry Pi– A very simple, but quite useful sensor is the reed switch or contact. The reed switch is also known as the magnetic... Read more »

RaspiLcd monochrome graphic display connection and Python Programming

RaspiLCD with Raspberry Pi, Overview: The RaspiLCD is a monochrome graphic display with a 1.8 inch display (see Figure 1). In addition, the display has a total of six freely assignable Buttons... Read more »

PiNoIR Raspberry Pi Camera Board, Raspberry Pi Noir

Raspberry Pi Camera Board and PiNoIR: The Camera Board and the PiNoIR are small bare digital camera boards that specially developed for use with the Raspberry Pi (see Figure 1). When the... Read more »

Infrared Remote IR Receiver TSOP4838 with Raspberry Pi

TSOP4838 IR receiver with Raspberry pi: Infrared Remote IR Receiver TSOP4838 with Raspberry Pi– TSOP4838 is an amazing IR Receiver module that can be used with Arduino and Raspberry Pi to control... Read more »

Raspberry Pi LCD 16×2 Liquid Crystal display interfacing and python code

Raspberry Pi LCD 16×2, Overview: Raspberry Pi LCD 16×2 Liquid Crystal Display interfacing and Python Code– The 16X2 LCD display is a very inexpensive module (see Figure 1). It usually has a... Read more »

Raspberry Pi 7 Segment Display interfacing and programming

Raspberry Pi 7 segment display, Overview: Raspberry Pi 7 Segment display interfacing and programming– In this article you will learn how to use a 7 segment display with Raspberry Pi. As this... Read more »