Drill Machine Dead Battery

Cordless Drill Machine Dead battery Hack, Rechargeable drill machine battery

Cordless Drill Machine Dead Battery Hack, Description: Drill Machine Dead Battery- This is the 14.4V Power Craft Cordless Drill machine which I have been using for quite a long time and now... Read more »
Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging and How to Make Wireless Charger

Wireless charging: Wireless charging at least in its current state is kind of misleading compared to wireless internet or a wireless game controller. Wireless charging requires such close proximity between your phone... Read more »

Pulse Width Modulation PWM fully Explained with calculation and Arduino LED Example

Pulse width modulation PWM: PWM stands for pulse width modulation which consists of a square wave with the help of which we can control the up or high time. It is simple... Read more »

Buck Converter Designing and Working Explained

Buck Converter: Buck converter circuit works by reducing the voltage at the input. Now there are a lot of other circuits that can reduce the voltage such as a voltage divider circuit... Read more »

Microcontroller, 8051, AVR, and PIC Microcontrollers

Microcontroller Overview: A microcontroller is a small computer built on a single integrated circuit or chip and it contains the core processor, the memory and the input/output peripherals. The memory in the... Read more »

Attenuator, Microwave attenuator and Types of Attenuator explained

Attenuator: Attenuator is a simple resistive network which reduces the amplitude of the input signal by finite amount at the output and the circuit is called as attenuator circuit. By applying KVL... Read more »

I2C Communication, How does it work and Advantages of I2C Protocol

I2C communication: I2C is a type of synchronous communication protocol. It is also known as 2 wire communication protocol. It was invented by Philips.  I2C stands for integrated circuits. It is a... Read more »

Integrated Circuit, Analog IC, Digital IC, and Manufacturing of ICs

Integrated circuit, Overview: Integrated circuits have a big role to play in miniaturization of electronic gadgets. Earlier the electronic circuit was prepared using transistors, diodes, and resistors by joining those using conducting... Read more »

Heat Sink, Types of Heat Sink and Design of Heat Sink

Heat Sink: Heat that if left unchecked could reduce the life span or even destroy outright the processor that created it. Thermal management increasingly needed when dealing with electronic devices to satisfy... Read more »

Flyback Converter, its working, Waveform, and Flyback converters designs

Flyback Con verter: A flyback converter is an isolated type of DC-DC converter. It is derived from the boost converter. It is basically dc to dc converter that increase or decrease the... Read more »