Alternating Current

AC Alternating Current Generation, Alternating current in RC, RL, and RLC circuits

Alternating Current: AC Alternating Current Generation, Alternating current in RC, RL, and RLC circuits– A current of constant amplitude and which continuously varies in magnitude with time and changes its direction periodically... Read more »

CD4017 IC Pinout, Specs, CD4017 IC Uses, CD4017 IC based Projects

CD4017 IC: The CD4017 is a 16 pin CMOS counter/divider which consists of 10 Johnson counters with 10 decoded outputs and a carry-out bit. The configuration of the CD4017 is used for... Read more »
Digital Multimeter

How to Use a Digital Multimeter for Electrical & Electronics Work

Description of Digital Multimeter: In this getting started tutorial, you will learn what is a digital multimeter and how it can be used for electrical and electronics works. Apart from the basic... Read more »
Silicon Controlled Rectifier SCR

Silicon Controlled Rectifier SCR in Electronics, Working, SCR Uses

SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIER (SCR):- A Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a four layer PNPN device having three terminal anode (A), cathode (K) and gate (G).It is solid state current controlling device. SCR... Read more »

LM358 IC Pin Configuration, Working, LM358 Circuit Examples

Description: The LM358 contains two independent high gain operational amplifiers, low power, dual channel op-amp, high gain with internal frequency compensation. Single power supply will be required to operate both op-amps in... Read more »
Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulators 78xx and 79xx Family specifications and uses

Linear Voltage Regulators, Overview: The Linear voltage regulators are components with or without associated circuitry which provide a stabilized output voltage from a potentially unstable power supply source. It also act to... Read more »
LDR Light dependent resistor

LDR Light Dependent Resistor, Photoresistor LDR Working, LDR based Projects

LDR Light Dependent Resistor LDR Light dependent resistor is a Photoresistor whose resistance increases or decreases with the intensity of light. Photoresistor is the combination of two words photon which means light... Read more »

What is a Thermistor? Thermistor Types, Thermistor Circuits

Thermistor Overview: What is a Thermistor? Thermistor Types, Thermistor Circuits- A Thermistor is a semiconductor temperature dependent variable thermal resistor that changes its resistance with temperature. Thermistor is combination of two words thermal and... Read more »
Phase Modulation


Description Phase Modulation -The modulation where the phase of the carrier signal is changed according to the low frequency of the message signal is called phase modulation. The Phase Modulation is a... Read more »
Generate PCB Gerber Files

Generate PCB Gerber files using Eagle and Online Gerber Viewer by PCBWay

Description: Generate PCB Gerber files using Eagle and Online Gerber Viewer by PCBWay– In this tutorial you will learn how to generate PCB Gerber files using the Cadesoft Eagle schematic and PCB... Read more »