Mosquito killer

Homemade Mosquito Killer Machine / Racket / Bat / Bug Zapper Racket

Homemade Mosquito Killer Machine, Description: Homemade Mosquito Killer Machine- A project that we are going to make today has got many names, you may call this a mosquito killer machine or mosquito... Read more »
775 Motor

775 Motor Drivers or Speed Controllers, Different ways to control 775 Motor

775 Motor Drivers, Description: 775 Motor Drivers, Different ways to control 775 Motor- Recently I got myself these 775 DC motors which you might have seen in different projects. With these 775... Read more »
UM66 IC UM3561 IC

UM66 IC and UM3561 IC for Melody and Sirens generation

UM66 IC and UM3561 IC: UM66 IC and UM3561 IC for Melody and Sirens generation- The UM66 and UM3561 ICs can be used in places where you need to generate melodies and... Read more »

PCB Printed Circuit Board Technology Fully Explained

PCB Printed Circuit Board: PCB stands for printed circuit board are widely used in electronics in order to mount and create circuits on it. A PCB is used to interconnect all the... Read more »

M2596 Constant Current Constant Voltage Adjustable Buck Module

LM2596: In this article, we will study about the LM2596 Buck Converter which is a constant current constant voltage adjustable buck module. So that means you put a higher voltage at one... Read more »

BMS Battery Management System explained

BMS Battery Management System: BMS stands for the battery management system which is used to manage the lithium ion batteries to prevent it from the overcharging, discharging, and to maintain balance charging.... Read more »

How to Generate PCB Gerber Files and Order Prototype PCBs for Free, JLCPCB

Generate Gerber Files, Description: The majority of the PCB manufacturing companies charge you 5 dollars or more for 5 PCBs, but if you order the same number of PCBs from the JLCPCB... Read more »

Microcontroller Selection Criteria for your project, 8 bit Vs 16 bit Microcontroller

Microcontroller Selection Criteria, Introduction: Microcontroller Selection Criteria– Today we have so many different types of microcontrollers for example Atmega328 which is used in Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano these are the most... Read more »

Arduino Vs PIC Microcontroller everything you need to know

Arduino Vs PIC Microcontroller: Arduino Vs PIC- In this article, we will compare the PIC Microcontroller with the Arduino Board which is based on the Atmega328 Microcontroller. For the best understanding first... Read more »

List of electronics components with images and function, Must have components

List of Electronics Components: List of Electronics Components with Images and Amazon Links- While working on any electrical or electronics projects, you will need certain tools and electronics components to complete different... Read more »