Friend Function And Friend Class In C++ With Examples

Friend Function: Friend Function –The private and protected members of any class cannot be accessed from outside the class. Sometime, it may require to access private and protected members. A Friend function... Read more »
object in c

Object in C /C++ with programming example

Introduction of the Object : object in c/c++ A data type is used to declare a variable. A variable of a data type is also known as the instance or case of... Read more »
C++ class

C++ class with programming examples

C++ Class: C++ Class- The most important feature of the C++ programming language is that it supports object-oriented programming (OOP). In OOP, the computer program is divided into objects. OOP language is... Read more »
Functions Overloading

Functions Overloading in c++ with example code

Functions Overloading: Functions Overloading-Declaring more than one function with the same name but with a different set of arguments and return data types is called function overloading. For example, three functions with... Read more »
C++ Default Arguments

C++ Default Arguments and command line Arguments

C++ Default Arguments: C++ default arguments in which data is initialized during the function declaration are called default arguments. If the values of the c++ default arguments are specified in the function... Read more »
for loop c++

FOR Loop C++, Nested FOR Loop, While loop, do-while loop flow control

Introduction: flow control for loop c++, nested for loop While loop, do-while loop– In this article two main features of computer programming will be discussed counter and looping. A loop is an... Read more »
decision making

decision making statement if, if-else, nested-if, switch case

Decision-Making Introduction: Decision-Making Statement if, if-else, nested-if, switch case-You know that computers can perform arithmetic calculations correctly and rapidly. Besides rapid arithmetic calculations and other capabilities, the computer is also capable of... Read more »

Polymorphism in C/C++ And types of Polymorphism

Polymorphism: Polymorphism is another most important feature of object oriented programming. In polymorphism, the member function with the same name are defined in each derived class and also in the base class.... Read more »
recursion in c

Recursion In c / c++, Recursion in CPP with examples

What is recursion in c/c++: function that calls itself is known as a recursive function and this technique is known as recursion so recursion in c/c++ is basically the process of rebuilding... Read more »
virtual function in C++

Virtual function and pure virtual function in C++ / CPP with examples

Virtual function Description: Virtual function in C++ – this is a very detail tutorial about virtual function and pure virtual function. In this tutorial you will learn how to use these two... Read more »