firebase in android

Firebase in android studio with example

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git config

how to use Git Config, explained with practical implementation

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git installation

GIT history and GIT installation with complete explanation

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flutter in android studio

Installing Flutter in Android Studio with simple Flutter Application example

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accelerometer sensor in android

Accelerometer Sensor in Android Studio

Accelerometer Sensor Application Development: Accelerometer Sensor in android Studio- in this article, I am going to show you how to use the accelerometer sensor, I believe you must have learned the concept... Read more » tutorial form properties Tutorial: Visual basic Form Properties, with examples

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Visual basic for beginners

VB.Net Tutorial: Buttons, Labels and TextBox using Visual Basic

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System Functions in Python explained with Example codes

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Variables and Objects in Python explained with Example Codes

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FrameWork Class Library (FCL)

Framework Class library (FCL): framework class library:- One component of the .NET Framework is the FCL (Framework Class Library) DLL builds with several thousand definitions, each of which provides some functionality. Company... Read more »