List of electronics components with images and function, Must have components

List of Electronics Components: List of Electronics Components with Images and Amazon Links- While working on any electrical or electronics projects, you will need certain tools and electronics components to complete different... Read more »

Electronic Speed Controller ESC

Electronic Speed Controller: Nowadays I am really into RC Planes and Cars. I have already designed some RC planes. One of the essential parts while making the RC Plane or Quad copter... Read more »

Dual Tone Multiple Frequency DTMF Decoding and applications

Dual Tone Multiple Frequency DTMF: Dual tone multi frequency which is also known as DTMF. In my previous article ”DTMF Dual tone Multiple Frequency, MT8870E DTMF Decoder” I explained the practical use... Read more »

Operational Amplifier, Op Amp Parameters and calculations

Operational amplifier: The basic job of an amplifier is to amplify the input signal. In early days when digital computers were not evolved, at that time the different mathematical functions like addition,... Read more »
pcb tinning

PCB Tinning to improve PCB traces current rating, apply solder to PCB traces in eagle

PCB Tinning, Description: PCB Tinning & how to apply Solder to PCB Traces in Eagle– I have these two PCBs with standard 1.6 mil copper thickness. The one on the right side... Read more »
Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Cell Phone Signal Jammer Circuit using 555 Timer IC

Cell Phone Signal Jammer Project Description: Cell Phone Signal Jammer using 555 Timer IC– In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your own low-cost Cell Phone Signal Jammer using the... Read more »

DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency, MT8870DE DTMF Decoder

DTMF Description: DTMF “Dual Tone Multi-Frequency”– In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the MT8870DE DTMF Decoder IC with any cell phone and control different electrical loads from anywhere around... Read more »
C5200 and A1943 amplifier

C5200 and A1943 amplifier with MP3 kit, Bluetooth, Volume, bass, and treble control

C5200 and A1943 amplifier- In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a powerful amplifier using the most popular C5200 and A1943 transistors. This is a DIY “Do It Yourself” level... Read more »
Arduino Projects 2020

DIY Arduino Projects, IoT projects, & Raspberry Pi Projects 2020

Description: DIY Arduino Projects, IoT projects, & Raspberry Pi Projects 2020- in this article I am going to share with you 10 DIY projects including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and IOT based projects.... Read more »
555 Timer IC

555 Timer IC Working, Pin Diagram, Examples (Astable, Monostable, Bistable)

555 Timer IC Introduction: The 555 Timer IC is one of my favorite ICs. I have been using this timer IC for years in different electronics based projects, for generating pulses, delays,... Read more »