Current transformer CT Accuracy, Sizing, and uses

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Earthing: How to do Earthing? Need of Earthing & Methods of Earthing

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Superconductor and Superconductivity to reduce Electrical Resistance

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Switched Reluctance Motor Construction and working with Block Diagram and Types

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Alternator or synchronous generator, Parts, Excitation, Advantages, and Differences

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Universal Motors: Construction, Types, Working, and Applications

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Electrical Network Classification on the basis of properties and response

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Pyhreliometer and Pyranometer construction, working, and Difference

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Q meter or RLC Meter or Quality Meter Working, Construction, & calculation

Q meter: The “Q” meter is also known as RLC meter, LCR Meter, or Quality meter which was developed in 1934 by William D. Loughlin. This is used to measure the quality... Read more »

Flux meter Construction, Making, Ballistic galvanometer

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