Centrifugal pump working

Centrifugal Pump Working with impeller types explained

Centrifugal Pump Working: Centrifugal pumps are most commonly used turbo machinery devices which are used to raise pressure or induce flow in the control volume. They are radial flow devices, various kinds... Read more »

Substation: Substation Configuration, Working, Busbar, and Earthing

Substation overview: A substation is part of electrical generation, transmission and distribution system. Substation performs several functions between the generating station and consumer. When we plug in an electric device it is... Read more »
Industrial Gas Turbine

Industrial Gas Turbine Working Principle, MGT6100 and MGT6200

Industrial Gas turbine working principle: Industrial Gas Turbine Working Principle– with the MGT series from MAN Diesel & Turbo has created a family of industrial gas turbines that it has developed at... Read more »
Rotary Pump

Types of Rotary Pumps, Screw Pump, Gear Pump, Lobe Pump, and Vane Pump

Rotary Pumps, Description: I am sure you know what is a pump and for what purpose a pump is used. It is a device that is used to move the fluids; it... Read more »
Transformer Tests

Transformer Tests: Transformer Factory Tests, Transformer Open and Short Circuit Tests

Transformer tests, Overview: Transformer Tests- in this article, you will learn about different types of tests which are performed on a power transformer. Since in an electrical power system a transformer play... Read more »
Types of relays

Types of Relays and how to use them? SPDT, DPDT, and Solid State Relay

Types of Relays, Description: Types of Relays and how to use them- Relays are available in different shapes, sizes, voltage, and current ratings. We have mainly two types of relays electromechanical Relays... Read more »
Types of Plugs and Sockets

Types of Plugs and Sockets used worldwide, A to O

Types of Plugs and Sockets, Description: Types of Plugs and Sockets- worldwide 15 types of domestic electrical outlet plugs are in use. Here we will be discussing all of these types of... Read more »
three phase induction motor


Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Control System Overview: Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Control System- Speed control technique is generally essential in an adjustable speed drive system. This system requires variable voltage... Read more »
Electrical load calculation

Electrical Load Calculation and How to Set Up Solar System to Run a House

Electrical Load Calculation: Electrical Load Calculation and How to Set Up Solar System to Run A house- Electrical Load calculation is very important because it determines how much money we are spending... Read more »
Electric Motor Tripping

Electric Motor Tripping Reasons and How to fix them, Star Delta Motors

Electric Motor Tripping Description: Electric motor tripping reasons and how to fix them- The electric motor tripping may be due to a couple reasons, it may be due to the circuit overloads,... Read more »