Universal Motors: Construction, Types, Working, and Applications

Universal motors: Universal motors is specially designed series motor that operates approximately same speed and output on either alternating and direct current driving all kinds of machinery. It has variable speed and... Read more »

Electrical Network Classification on the basis of properties and response

Classification of Electrical Network: Electrical Networks and their classification– In this article we will be looking at classification of Electrical Network. An electrical network can be mainly divided into the following 5... Read more »

Pyhreliometer and Pyranometer construction, working, and Difference

Pyhreliometer and Pyranometer, Overview: In this article we will study about Pyhreliometer and Pyranometer. As these instruments are used for the measurement of diffused radiation and beam radiation. So first we will... Read more »

Q meter or RLC Meter or Quality Meter Working, Construction, & calculation

Q meter: The “Q” meter is also known as RLC meter, LCR Meter, or Quality meter which was developed in 1934 by William D. Loughlin. This is used to measure the quality... Read more »

Flux meter Construction, Making, Ballistic galvanometer

Flux meter: Flux meter are used to measure the flux of a permanent magnet so in order to measure the magnet flux surrounded with the permanent magnet. We use a meter called... Read more »

Lamp Types with Working and Construction Explained in detail

Lamp: Lamp is artificial source of light that will provide us light and will be operated with the electricity. Electrical lamp is basically energy convertor which will convert electrical energy in to... Read more »

RVDT & LVDT, Rotary Variable and Linear variable differential Transducer or transformer

RVDT, Rotary Variable differential transformer: RVDT “Rotary Variable Differential Transformer” is a common type of electromechanical sensor that can convert the rotary motion of an object around an axis into a corresponding... Read more »

Electrical Heating types, Resistance, Arc, Induction, Dielectric, and Infrared Heating

Electrical heating: Electrical heating is process in which electrical energy is converted in to heat. Electrical heater is their examples which convert electrical energy in to heat. Heat is required for both... Read more »

What is Electric Voltage, Electric current, and Electric Power

Voltage, Current, and Power, Overview: Today we will see the concept of electric current, electric voltage and electric power in the electrical circuits. And we will see that how they are related... Read more »
Transmission lines

Transmission lines, Overhead Power lines & Underground power lines

Transmission lines: The transmission system connects the renewable and conventional source with the regional and local distribution system from the distribution system through Power Lines( Overhead Power Lines or Underground Power Lines).... Read more »