Estimating Forms Required for Installation

Estimating Forms Required for Installation

Estimating Forms

Estimating Forms Required for Installation- The contracting firms associated with any small or large construction work, always need estimating forms, tools, tables for material checking, record sheets for a study of labor costs, etc. The number and types of forms required keep changing according to the size and types of the estimating projects. Some of the offices keep these forms secret after designing them. However, different types of forms are commonly available in the market, which practically fulfill every type of need. As far as the prices of these forms are concerned, they tend to be very cheap, and their prices are almost equal to nothing. 

If forms have not been designed properly, they do not meet their objectives. These forms are designed based on the experience of highly skilled estimators, and during their designing, it is taken into consideration that as far as possible, forms are complete in every respect. Particularly, at the time of preparing a material list, it must contain a comprehensive detail in every respect. Some contractors or offices, consider these forms as an unnecessary obstacle in the way of their working, and as such present wrong estimates by incorrectly filling up these forms. They are thus, unable to obtain this contract. Only a few estimators realize the point that several factors have to be kept in mind while selecting an appropriate type of form. Remember that one cannot deny advantages gained through using a correctly designed estimating form. Because, due to the selection of a proper and correct form, working speed increases. Estimators are relieved from any mental strains and any sort of incessant struggle. Moreover, errors and omissions can be overcome, or they can be reduced significantly. 

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) possesses a stock of such forms, which they sell to their members against very low charges. The association ensures to furnish a set of these forms to small and large contractors, especially forms designed specifically for initiation of electrical construction work (i.e., contractors can get a complete set of estimating forms from the association’s office against very menial charges). Moreover, Chicago Electrical Estimators Association (CEEA) has also designed forms, which are vastly used for all sorts of practical works.  

The detail of these forms is as follows;

(1). Estimate

(2). Outlet & Circuit Schedule

(3). Feeder Schedule

(4). Pricing

(5). Summary

Note; Apart from these forms, some other forms are also used for estimating purposes, the detail of which is as follows;

(1). Daily Progress Form

(2). Enquiry Detail

(3). Estimation Form

(4). Pricing Form

(5). Take off and Listing Sheet

(6). Summary of Estimate

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