Control Position and Speed of Stepper Motor

Control Position and Speed of Stepper Motor using Android Bluetooth App, A4988 Driver, & Arduino

  Control Position and Speed of Stepper Motor: Control Position and Speed of Stepper Motor using Android Bluetooth App, A4988 Driver, & Arduino- I have been using Unipolar and Bipolar Stepper motors... Read more »

MIT APP inventor Arduino Bluetooth Application Making Explained

MIT APP inventor Arduino: MIT APP inventor Arduino Bluetooth Application- I have been using Bluetooth supported cell phone apps for monitoring and controlling different types of sensors and electrical loads. I designed... Read more »

LinearLayout in android with example codes

What is LinearLayout: LinearLayout, also known as linear layout, is a very commonly used layout. As its name describes, this layout will arrange the controls it contains in a linear direction. Since... Read more »
android user interface

Android User Interface with examples

Creation of Android user interface: Graphical interfaces are taking an increasingly important place in the choice of applications by users, both in the implementation of concepts innovative as well as in terms... Read more »
Android Listview

Android Listview: Custom ListView and onClick Event on ListView

Android ListView: Android ListView can definitely be called one of the most commonly used controls in Android and almost all applications will use it. Since the screen space of mobile phones is... Read more »
Android Fragments

Android Fragments and Fragments Lifecycle

What is fragmentation? Android Fragments– Fragment is a UI fragment that can be embedded in the activity, it can make the program more reasonable and sufficient, Utilize the space of the large... Read more »
Android Intent

Android Intent: Explicit Intent and Implicit Intent

Use android Intent to shuttle between activities Android intent:- Is it too simple to have only one activity? Yes, your pursuit should be higher. No matter how many you want to create,... Read more »
Android Activity

Android Activity: Basic usage of Android activities, Toast Message & Menu

What is the android activity? Android activity is the easiest place to attract users. It is a component that can contain a user interface. Mainly used to interact with users. An application... Read more »
hello world

Hello world First Android Application Project using Eclipse

Create your first Android project: Hello world- The first program written in any programming language will undoubtedly be Hello World, which has been since the 20th century. The tradition that has been... Read more »
ESP8266 Bluetooth

ESP8266 Bluetooth: HC05 Bluetooth interfacing with Nodemcu ESP8266

Bluetooth with ESP8266 NodeMCU, Description: ESP8266 Bluetooth– You are already familiar with Nodemcu ESP8266 and ESP32 WiFi modules developed by the Espressif systems. ESP32 has the built-in low energy Bluetooth module which... Read more »