FrameWork Class Library (FCL)

Framework Class library (FCL): framework class library:- One component of the .NET Framework is the FCL (Framework Class Library) DLL builds with several thousand definitions, each of which provides some functionality. Company... Read more »

Common Language Runtime in c#

What is Common Language Runtime (CLR) The name of the environment is Common Language Runtime, CLR) – speaks for itself: it is an execution environment that is suitable for different programming languages.... Read more »

Constants in C#: Integer, Real, Character, Strings with examples

Constants in C# As far as variable initialization is concerned, no difference from C/C++. A variable can be declared and initialized at the same time. A variable not yet initialized cannot be... Read more »

Namespace in C# with Examples

Namespace in c#: Namespace in c#:- Before we move on, it seems advisable to spend some time on another important aspect of Namespace in c#. This is the way used in .NET,... Read more »

IL Code: What is Intermediate Language

What is intermediate language (IL code)? As mentioned in my pervious article, managed modules contain metadata and programmatic IL code. It is a processor-independent machine language developed by Microsoft, in consultation with... Read more »

C# Windows Forms Application: How to create First Window Form Application in C#

C# Windows Forms Application C# Windows Forms Application:- Today, most applications have graphical user interfaces. These differ from console applications not only through their window-based interface but also through much closer collaboration... Read more »

C# if, if else statement, and ternary operator with examples

Description: C# if, if else statement and ternary operator:- C# applications are ultimately made up of class definitions. Methods are defined in the classes and these contain the actual instructions that are... Read more »

Operators and Math Functions in C# with Examples

Operators and Math Functions in C#: Operators and Math Functions in c#:- A distinction is made between unary and binary operators. The unary operators work with one operand and the binary with... Read more »

Primitive types in C# with Examples

Primitive types in programming languages Primitive types in C#- Some types of data are used so often that many compilers provide a simplified syntax. For example, a whole variable here’s how to... Read more »

Reference Types and value Types in c#

Reference Types and value types The CLR (Common Language Runtime) supports two flavors of types: reference types and value types. Most types in FCL (Framework Class Library) are reference types. Memory for... Read more »