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Soldering Iron Pen AE560W from ATETool Review and Soldering Test

Soldering Iron Tip Types: Knife or K series tip, Chisel or D series tip, Conical or B series tip and Bevel or C Series Soldering Tip

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W:


Soldering Iron Pen AE560W from ATETool Review and Soldering Test-In this article, I will completely review and test the AE560W Soldering Iron; that I recently got from ATETool.

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

I was eagerly waiting for this package; because inside this box is a Soldering Pen and a soldering Station. So, let’s go ahead and start the unboxing.

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

On the left side is the Soldering Iron or Soldering Pen. And on the right side is the ATETool Multi-function Soldering Station; I will review and test this soldering station in one of my upcoming videos and articles.

For now, I am going to start with the ATETool AE560W Soldering Iron. I will completely review this soldering Iron and I will also share with you the soldering results while using different types of Soldering Tips.

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I am going to use my Andonstar digital microscope for recording the Soldering so that you guys can clearly see the finishing results. So, let’s go ahead and open up this box and see what’s in the box.

Inside this box you will find the ATETool AE560W Adjustable Constant Temperature Soldering Iron User Manual. And in this User Manual, you will find every bit of information. I highly recommend you guys should go through the user manual before you power up the soldering iron. You can also visit the ATETOOL official website if you wish to know more about this soldering iron.

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

Anyway, in the user manual, you will also find information about some 900M Series Soldering Tips. I personally, don’t have all these soldering tips, but I have got some of the most commonly used soldering tips, which I am going to use with the soldering iron.

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

I already have a very detailed article on how to use different types of soldering iron tips, in that article I have each soldering tip in quite a detail.

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

Now, this is the ATETool 60W Soldering Iron, it supports a wide range of input voltages from 110 to 230Vac. Its Model number is AE560W. It has this 900M-T series tip which is switchable. Simply unscrew the Nut, Remove the casing, and replace the current tip with a new one as per your soldering job.

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

This is a ceramic ATETOOL PTC two-core heating element. For now, I will continue with the same soldering iron tip which is designed with an electroplating protective layer that can greatly prolong its service life. This soldering iron is so slim and lightweight that you can hold it like a pen. And it’s suitable for all kinds of the soldering process.

It has an ON/OFF button and obviously using this button you can turn ON and turn OFF the Soldering Iron.

Using the temperature Knob you can set different temperatures between 200 and 500 degrees Celsius; with temperature stability up to ±5 Degrees Celsius.

There is also a Red color indicator light. When you switch ON the soldering Iron; the soldering iron is on temperature rising, set the temperature as per your soldering job. The indicator light flashes when the temperature is below the set temperature. When the indicator light stops flashing it means the soldering iron is ready for work.

  Manufacturer   ATETOOL
  Model number   AE560W
  Power   60W
  Input voltage   110VAC / 230VAC
  Temperature range   200-500℃ (392-932℉)
  Heating element   two-core PTC heating element
  Soldering tip   900M-T series tip
  Power cord length   0.5m
  Handle cable length   1.2m
  Net weight   174g
  Temperature stability   ±5℃/±9℉ (when temperature >200℃/400℉)
  Tip to ground resistance   <2Ω
  Tip to ground voltage   <2mV
  Warranty   12 months
  Packing list   1 x Soldering iron
  1 x User manual

So, let’s go ahead and do some soldering.

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I recorded some videos with my Andonstar digital microscope. For the practical demonstration, you can watch my video available on my YouTube channel Electronic Clinic. And here are some images.

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

Knife or K series tip:

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

Chisel or D series tip:

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

Conical or B series tip

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

Bevel or C Series Soldering Tip:

Soldering Iron Pen AE560W

Over the years I have used many soldering irons, but the temperature stability of this soldering iron is outstanding as it uses Patented close-loop automatic constant temperature control technology to ensure high stability, excellent performance, and precise accuracy. So, that’s all for now.

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