Raspberry Pi Camera Setting

Rasberry pi camera There are two ways to convert images or record Raspberry Pi Camera videos using Python scripts You call the raspistill command with subprocess.call. Or you can use the picamera... Read more »

Bash script programming basics with practical examples

Bash Script introduction HelloWorld! The classic Hello World program consists of just two lines: [crayon-62b7cabab9a55772627882/] As with Python scripts, the first line indicates the location of the interpreter. The file should thus... Read more »

WiringPi Library for Raspberry Pi GPIO Commands

WiringPi, Description: WiringPi Library for Raspberry Pi GPIO Commands- The WiringPi project provides the GPIO commands. So you can use individual Read out and change GPIO pins in the terminal or in... Read more »

Learn how to program in Python with Examples

Learn to program in Python: Learn to Program in Python- This section is intended to help you with three specific programming tasks help to get on the road to success as quickly... Read more »

RRDtool based Raspberry Pi Smart Meter

RRDtool based Raspberry Pi Smart Meter, Overview: RRDtool based Raspberry Pi Smart Meter– In this tutorial you will learn how to make a new type of electricity Meter called Smart Meter using... Read more »

Autonomous Car using Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Line Follower Car, Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous car, Overview: Autonomous Car using Raspberry Pi- In this project we are building a small Autonomous car controlled by the Raspberry Pi, which is able to follow a black line independently.... Read more »

Raspberry Pi and Alexa Based Home Automation Project

Description: Raspberry Pi and Alexa Based Home Automation- In this article, we will be making a home automation system using Raspberry Pi 3 and Alexa. A relay module will be interfaced with... Read more »

DS1307 Raspberry Pi RTC Real Time Clock Interfacing and programming

DS1307 Raspberry Pi RTC: DS1307 Raspberry Pi RTC– This article describes how to connect an external RTC real time clock DS1307 to the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi itself does not have... Read more »

Reed Switch with Raspberry Pi, interfacing and Python Programming

Reed Switch with Raspberry Pi: Reed Switch with Raspberry Pi– A very simple, but quite useful sensor is the reed switch or contact. The reed switch is also known as the magnetic... Read more »