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Top 10 Best Raspberry Pi Kits for Beginners

Raspberry Pi Pico kits, Sensors kits, RPI Kits

Best Raspberry Pi Kits:

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

Top 10 Best Raspberry Pi Kits for Beginners- maximum of you guys must know what is a starter kit? But for those who does not know what a starter kit is? A starter kit is a set of articles or equipment providing the items and instructions essential for someone taking up a particular activity or starting a process for the first time.

In this article, I will tell you about top 10 best Raspberry Pi kits, which are also available on Amazon. If you guys want, you can also buy these kits from the official website of SunFounder. Apart from the kits, you will also get many other things. for example, touch screens, Arduino boards, robots, end sensors, etc. Personally, I am very impressed with SunFounder’s products. Recently, I used SunFounder’s 13.3″ FHD 1920 x 1080 Portable IPS Monitor, I wrote a detailed article on it, and also made a very detailed video on it, which you can watch. I was simply more than surprised to see the quality of the SunFounder products.

So, I thought why not write a detailed article on SunFounder kits, so that many beginners, intermediate, and advanced level users can reach quality kits. Apart from the SunFounder Raspberry pi kits I have also included other kits which doesn’t belong to SunFounder. As my personal preference, when it comes to the Raspberry Pi, I always first go for the SunFounder, and if I don’t find it on the SunFounder then I go and search other websites. Anyhow. 

Believe me, even after so many years of experience, I still use kits. Whenever, I work on a new project, I need some basic things to check my code properly. In the top 10 Raspberry Pi kits that I am going to share with you guys, in these raspberry pi kits you will find components from beginners to the advanced level, which I am sure, will always come in handy for you guys.

When I say Raspberry Pi, I mean all variants of Raspberry Pi. In these kits you can get Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+, 400, Raspberry Pi Pico, etc.

The interesting thing is that the sensors available in these kits, you can use these sensors with Arduino, ESP32, ESP826, STM32, etc.

Amazon Links:

1)SunFounder Raphael Kit

2)SunFounder Euler Kit


4)Canakit Extreme Kit

5)SunFounder Sensor Kit

6)GeeekPi Kit

7)SunFounder Davinci Kit

8)Vemico Kit

9)sb components Kit

10)SunFounder Thales Kit

*Please Note: These are affiliate links. I may make a commission if you buy the components through these links. I would appreciate your support in this way!

SunFounder Raphael Kit 

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

SunFounder Raphael Kit is a Raspberry Pi Ultimate Kit compatible with Raspberry Pi 400 4B/3B+/3B/3A+/2B/1B+/1A+/Zero W/ Zero. Comes with 337 components and IoT Modules for learning electronics and application programming.

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

As a beginner what else you could need? The SunFounder Raphael Kit has got all the components and boards for you.

 Component Lists

  • 1 x Camera Module
  • 1 x Speaker
  • 1 x 12C LCD 1602
  • 1 x Breadboard
  • 1 x T-shape Extansion
  • 1 x Keypad
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Module
  • 1 x Breadboard Power Module
  • 1 x MFRC522 Module
  • 1 x Audio Power Amplifier Module2
  • 1 x Obstacle Avoidance Module
  • 1 x Touch Sensor Module
  • 1 x Speed Sensor Module
  • 1 x Reed Switch Module
  • 1 x DHT-11 Module
  • 1 x Motion Sersor Module
  • 1 x Rotary Encoder Module
  • 1 x MPU6050 Module
  • 1 x Dot Matrix Module
  • 1 x 7-segment Display
  • 1 x 4-Digit 7-segment Display
  • 1 x Fan
  • 1 x Relay
  • 1 x Joystick
  • 1 x Motor
  • 1 x 9G Servo
  • 1 x L293D
  • 1 x ADC0834
  • 2 x 74HC595
  • 1 x Tilt Switch
  • 1 x Thermistor
  • 1 x Photoresistor
  • 5 x Capacitor 10μF
  • (10+10) x Capacitor 104/103 pF
  • (2+2) x Passive/ActiveBuzzer
  • (5+5) x 8550/S8050 Transistor
  • 2 x SlideSwitch
  • 3 x Potentiomter
  • 2 x MicroSwitch
  • 4 x Button ( Size: 12*12)
  • 2 x IN4007Diode
  • 2 x ZenerDiode
  • 10 x Button ( Size: 6*6)
  • 4 x Button Cap
  • 1 x 40Pin GPIO Cable
  • 1 x 9V Battery Cable
  • 1 x Audio Cable
  • 1 x RGB LED
  • 1 x LED Bar Graph
  • 25 x LED/ Multiple Jump Wires/ Multiple Resistors

For this SunFounder Ultimate Raspberry Pi Kit, they have provided 131 projects, each lesson shows a circuit diagram, an overview of the operating principles, and an explanation of the code used for the project.

Please refer to the Online Tutorials for Raphael Kit.  This kit has got the best seller rank. For such a reasonable price, I think you should definitely get this kit for yourself or kids.

SunFounder Euler Kit

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

The SunFounder Euler Kit is the Raspberry Pi Pico Ultimate Starter Kit. Euler Kit from SunFounder is a Raspberry Pi Pico Ultimate Kit with detailed online tutorials. There are 320+ components included in the kit.

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

The Euler Kit has got all the necessary components which as a beginner you will need to get started with the Raspberry Pi Pico. The SunFounder has 113 projects included, each of which shows a circuit diagram, an overview of the operating principle, and an explanation of the code used in the project to teach you electronics and applications programming. Using our online tutorial and Pi Pico kit, you can learn electronics and programming in one stop for Raspberry Pi and Arduino beginners and experts.

They have prepared many interesting and practical examples for you, and collected a lot of authoritative related information. Online tutorials:  euler-kit.rtfd.io

320+ Items: Besides the Pi Pico board, it also comes with an ESP8266 module for projects involving the Internet of Things. There are all the necessary components included: Sensors (MPU6050, DHT11, Ultrasonic, etc), Actuator LEDs, I2C LCDs, WS2812 RGB LED strips, Servo Motor, and Pump, etc.

Pre-soldered Raspberry Pi Pico Included The Raspberry Pi Pico is a high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital that features the RP2040 with a dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+processor.

3 Programming Languages: Raspberry Pi Pico Ultimate kit features three programming languages to meet the needs of programmers of every level: 59 MicroPython lessons, 38 lessons in C/C++, and 16 lessons in Piper Make.


Best Raspberry Pi Kits

The Osoyoo Kit is the Educational Microbit Stem Pack. This Raspberry Pi Starter Kit is developed specially for the beginners who want to learn DIY projects with Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3, Pi 3 Model B, Pi 4, Pi Zero, Pi Zero W. The kit is a useful kit for amateurs, teachers, students and small businesses, etc. to learn the basics of electronics and Linux programming and do science fair project, science lab experiments and science club competitions.

PROGRAMMABLE STARTER KIT– To help beginners to easily use the kit, they have designed sample projects. Every project has circuit graph, code, and tutorial picture and video.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE BUNDLE– The function of the extension board is to lead out pins of the Raspberry Pi to breadboard by GPIO Extension Board to avoid GPIO damage caused by frequent plugging in or out. For plugging convenience, the kit includes T-Shape GPIO Extension Board with 40 GPIO cable

ULTIMATE GIFT BUNDLE- This Basic Raspberry Pi Starter kit include More than 22 kinds of different electronic components items. 111 units in total. The kit is nicely packed in plastic box.

2 PROGRAMING LANGUAGE SUPPORT– C Code, Python Code are provided in the CD to learn raspberry pi for beginners.

The package includes:

1x Solderless Prototype Breadboard

1x T-type GPIO Extension Board

1x 40 Pin Ribbon Cable

1x I2C 1602 LCD module

1x Servo Motor

1x 5V 1-Channel Relay Module

1x DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module

1x BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module

1x HC-SR501 Infrared Motion Sensor Module

3x Potentiometer (10kilohm adjustable resistor)

1x SW-520D Tilt Switch Sensor Module

1x 16 Channel 12 Bit PWM Servo Driver

1x Analog To Digital Converter

1x Active Buzzer module

3x GL5516 Photoresistor (Light Sensor)

24x LED (6 x White, 6 x Red, 6 x Yellow, 6 x Green)

1x MB102 3.3V/5V Power Supply Module with USB to USB power cable

5x Push Buttons

1x Infrared Receiver (VS1838B)

1x Infrared Remote Controller

20x Resistors (10Kohm)

20x Resistors (1Kohm)

5x Resistors (1Mohm)

20x Resistors (200ohm)

1x 40 Pin Jumper Wires (15cm, M to M)

2x 8 Pin Jumper Wires (20cm, F to F)

1x 20Pin Jumper wires(15cm, M to F)

1x DVD User’s manual 1x Plastic Box

Canakit Extreme Kit

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

  • Includes Raspberry Pi 4 1GB Model B with 1.5GHz quad-core CPU (1GB RAM)
  • Includes Pre-Loaded 128GB Samsung EVO+ Micro SD Card (Class 10), USB MicroSD Card Reader
  • CanaKit Premium High-Gloss Raspberry Pi 4 Case with Integrated Fan Mount, CanaKit Low Noise Bearing System Fan
  • CanaKit 3.5A USB-C Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply with Noise Filter, Set of Heat Sinks, Set of 2 Micro HDMI to HDMI Cables – 6 foot (Supports up to 4K 60p)
  • CanaKit USB-C PiSwitch (On/Off Power Switch for Raspberry Pi 4)

SunFounder Sensor Kit

Best Raspberry Pi Kits



37 Module Ultimate Sensor Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi


One kit packed with 37 sensor modules and 35 projects


Learning electronics and programming from a single source: they have prepared many interesting and practical examples and collected a lot of relevant information for Raspberry Pi beginners and software engineers. Just turn on your computer and you can complete programming in one step through their online tutorial: sensorkit-v2-pi.rtfd.io


SunFounder Sensor Kit is a learning device for the Raspberry Pi including 37 sensor modules and Dragit software, that will make learning and mastering codes a fun experience.


The SunFounder Sensor Kit is a learning kit of 37 sensor modules for Raspberry Pi, suitable for beginners and anyone who enjoys programming toys. It comes with the easy-to-use visual programming language software Dragit, making coding fun and easy to learn. The 37 sensor modules formulate 35 lessons which present you various functions and interesting projects. Use the SunFounder Sensor Kit to start your journey of making and exploring interesting and useful projects.


LEARN TO CODE EASILY– You learn how to code faster and easier than ever with this visual programming language software.

37 SENSOR MODULES– There are a whopping 37 self-designed sensor modules included, elaborately made and all of roughly the same size.

35 PROJECTS PROVIDED– This sensor kit provides a record 35 projects with diverse functions allowing for a dynamic creative experience

STYLISH PACKAGING– A cool-blue plastic packaging box is included to allow for easy and neat storage.


Package Dimensions (feet/inches and cm): 210x145x60mm (Lx Wx H)

Item Weight (Pounds/Ounces, and kg/g): 716g

Package Weight (Pounds/Ounces, and kg/g): 803g

Shipping Weight (Pounds/Ounces, and kg/g): 813g


1x Double Color LED


1x Auto-Flash LED

1x Relay module

1x Laser Emitter

1x Button

1x Tilt Switch

1x Vibration Switch

1x IR Receiver

1x Active Buzzer

1x Passive Buzzer

1x Reed switch

1x Photo-interrupt

1x AD/DAConvert-PCF8591

1x RainDrop Sensor

1x Joystick PS2

1x Potentiometer

1x Analog Hall Sensor

1x Hall Switch

1x Analog Temperature Sensor

1x Thermistor

1x Sound Sensor

1x Photoresistor

1x Flame Sensor

1x Gas Sensor

1x Remote Control

1x Touch Switch

1x HC-SR04

1x Temperature Sensor-DS18B20

1x Rotary Encode

1x Humiture Sensor

1x IR Obstacle

1x 1602 I2C

1x Barometer-BMP280

1x MPU6050

1x RTC-DS1302

1x Tracking Sensor

1x Breadboard

1x GPIO Extension Board

1x 40-pin Ribbon Cable for GPIO Board

2x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable

5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable

5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable

5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable

1x pin ribbon cable

20x Jumper wires (Male to Female)

10x Jumper wires (Male to Male)

1x User Manual

GeeekPi Kit

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

  • This complete kit comes with variety and quality of modules and components that you need compatible with raspberry pi pico.
  • It is designed for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts to learn Python programming, embedded learning, through display modules and Raspberry Pi Pico development boards .
  • In addition to the demo code provided, each experiment also provides more space for learners to play. This is a very valuable learning tool!
  • Free Detailed Manual Included.You can also download the tutorials from their wiki or contact them by Email to get documents.
  • https://wiki.52pi.com/index.php?title=K-0586

SunFounder Davinci Kit

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

  • SunFounder Da Vinci Kit is a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit compatible with Raspberry Pi 400 4B / 3B+ / 3B / 3A+ / 2B / 1B+ / 1A+ / Zero W / Zero. Contains 300 componentsfor learning electronics and application programming.

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

  • About SunFounder: The SunFounder team is always at the forefront of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and IoT. From the first Hard-Copy Manual to the CD Manual, and now Online Tutorials, we have been working on providing a better learning experience for users and improving the efficiency of learning programming.

Interactive Online Tutorials

  • The SunFounder Raspberry Pi Starter Kit includes 87 projects, each of which shows a circuit diagram, an overview of the operating principles, and an explanation of the code used for the project.
  • Please refer to the Detailed Online Tutorials here: davinci-kit.rtfd.io

Supporting 5 programming languages

  • There are four programming languages available on the SunFounder DaVinci Raspberry Pi Starter Kit: Python, C, Scratch, Nodejs and Java (processing).
  • The Python and C Language contains 45 projectscategorized by component types, such as making a combination lock using a keypad and an LCD.
  • The Scratch Language provides 10 projectswith lively graphical programming. An ideal language for learning electronics and programming because it has a great deal of fun and strong interactivity.
  • Processing Language provides 10 projects. The Processing language is based on Java, whose program elements are fairly simple, even for a beginner.
  • The Nodejs language provides 22 projects, including circuit programming and photo shooting.

Vemico Kit

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

Raspberry Pi 3B– Raspberry Pi 3 model B has the same appearance as previous generation Raspberry Pi2 and equipped with a faster processor “Broadcom BCM2837” for improved processing speed. The CPU on the Pi 3 is one and a half times faster at 1.2 GHz. It also features 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN, Bluetooth Classic, Low Energy (BLE) and 1GB RAM to get connected much quicker without the need for any external device.

Meet your basic needs– Vemico Raspberry Pi 3 B Starter Kit have selected high-quality kit accessories to meet your basic needs, no need to buy additional accessories, save your time. More processing power and on-board connectivity, saving you time with the development of your applications. Perfect for your Internet of Things (IoT) designs. Provide one-stop after-sales service.

Various Accessories– The black case for Raspberry Pi 3B uses no screws required, so anyone can easily install it quickly and easily. Heatsink kit with thermal conductive adhesive tape backing, good performance on heat dissipation and long lasting. Combination of fan and heatsink for good cooling effect, reduces CPU and LAN Temperature in Enclosed and Overclocked Environments. A compact screwdriver makes it easy to assemble your device.

5V/3A Power Adapter– 5V/3A power adapter and power cord with an ON/OFF switch, which is the official recommended amperage for the Raspberry Pi, can be turned on and off with a single key. It can deliver up to 5V / 3A of current. Over-power protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, electrostatic protection, and other functions are all available. Don’t be concerned about low voltage.

Package Included:

1 x Raspberry Pi3 B board, 1 x 32GB SD Card, 1 x SD Card Reader, 3 x Heatsinks, 1 x ABS Black Cover, 1 x Network Cable, 1 x HDMI Cable, 1 x Fan ,1 x Power Supply with Switch, 1 x Screwdriver. The SD card is in the package of the Raspberry Pi board. Notice: Vemico Raspberry Pi 3 B kit included small parts, please keep out of the reach of children!

sb components Kit

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

  • Raspberry Pi Pico is Raspberry Pi’s first microcontroller board, designed especially for physical computing.
  • It can be easily reprogrammed over USB from a Raspberry Pi or other computer using the C/C++ SDK or the official MicroPython port.

Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit

Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit is a multi-purpose Kit that consists of a “400 points half-size breadboard” on top, a Programmable Buzzer, 4 Programmable LEDs, 4 Pushbuttons, and dedicated 5V, 3v3, and GND pins at a single place. SB Components developed Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit with advanced features like independently controllable LEDs, Switches, a 400 points half-size breadboard that helps the user to prototype their projects with Raspberry Pi Pico in an efficient way.

Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit can be interfaced with Raspberry Pi Pico from which a user can run electronics experiments, prototypes, mini robots, games, interact with Linux-ready Raspberry Pi, Exploration of circuits, etc. One can also connect external components with the breadboard provided on the top of the Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit.


Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Raspberry Pi Pico is a low-cost, high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital interfaces, built on silicon designed at Raspberry Pi
  • RP2040 microcontroller chip designed by Raspberry Pi in the United Kingdom
  • Dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ processor, the flexible clock running up to 133 MHz
  • 264kB of SRAM, and 2MB of onboard Flash memory
  • Castellated module allows soldering directly to carrier boards
  • USB 1.1 Host and Device support
  • Low-power sleep and dormant modes

Kit Content

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi Pico Board
  • 1 x Pico Breadboard Kit
  • 5 x Male to Male Jumper Wires
  • 5 x Female to Female Jumper Wires
  • 5 x Male to Female Jumper Wires

SunFounder Thales Kit

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

  • Thales Kit from SunFounder is a Raspberry Pi Pico Kit with detailed online tutorials. It has 283 items, 40 projects (More projects will be updated soon), each lesson shows a circuit diagram, an overview of the operating principles, and a detailed explanation of the code used for the project to help you learn electronics and application programming.

Best Raspberry Pi Kits

  • Using their online tutorials and Pi Pico kit, you can learn electronics and programming in one stop for Raspberry Pi and Arduino beginners and experts. They have prepared many interesting and practical examples for you, and collected a lot of authoritative related information. Online tutorials: thales-kit.rtfd.io

Using the Raspberry Pi Pico basic starter kit, anyone can learn electronics and programming

  • Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will find this Raspberry Pi Pico basic starter kit suitable for you to learn Pi Pico.
  • Connect a computer and start writing programs for your Raspberry Pi Pico using the MicroPython / C ++/ Piper Make Language, it’s a new world when you code on the Pico, you can do anything you want.

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