C++ Programming Examples: Basic Input & Output stream objects, cin and cout

cin C++ Stream object Programming Examples: C++ Programming Example 1:Write a program that inputs a character and displays its ASCII code using cin cout stream objects: [crayon-62bd7abc36d30602542605/] Output: [crayon-62bd7abc36d39497064257/] C++ Programming Example... Read more »

C++ standard libraries and how to use them, C++ stl

Introduction: C++ standard libraries and how to use them– There are a few C++ standard libraries to indicate various kinds of actions to be performed during execution. Output functions are one of... Read more »

Friend Function And Friend Class In C++ With Examples

Friend Function: Friend Function –The private and protected members of any class cannot be accessed from outside the class. Sometime, it may require to access private and protected members. A Friend function... Read more »