Apple iPhone SE 3 good upgrade or pass?


In today’s article, I am going to review the Apple iPhone SE 3. I’m going to review its Display, Design and build, Performance, Memory, Storage, Software, Battery, Camera, Main camera, Lenses, Selfie camera, Connectivity, Network, Sound, and everything that comes with this device.

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Apple iPhone SE 3

Apple iPhone SE 3:

iPhone is best known for its cameras, displays, and its software and in this device IPhone just made a perfect mid-Flagship smartphone. Start with the review of the display.


Size 4.7 inches
Resolution 750 x 1334 pixels
Aspect ratio 16:9
PPI 326 ppi
Refresh rate 60 Hz
Screen protection Tempered glass
Screen-to-body ratio 65.4%
Display features – DCI-P3

The Apple iPhone SE 3 has an average display. Its 4.7 inches IPS display with a 60Hz refresh rate. It’s doesn’t have HDR10+. Which makes the display less bright and less power efficient. The gaming experience and content watching are average. The display is not punchier, accurate, brighter, and colorful. It’s protected by tempered glass. Which is not strong enough to protect this phone. It also has DCIP3 which makes the 326 PPI on the 4.7 inches screen. This display is also HD+. The display is brighter than the last Gen Apple iPhone SE (2021). This smartphone has the average display that you can get in the market right now. It’s not a gaming phone so, giving the 60Hz display with the combination of good and optimized software makes this smartphone a little smoother. The screen-to-body ratio is 65% because you will still see the old design like the Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus have. The display is not A+ but it’s average. It’s good for people who are looking for a small compact iPhone. Although I don’t recommend buying this phone because there is a lot of alternative to this smartphone.

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Design and build:

Height 138.4 mm (5.45 inches)
Width 67.3 mm (2.65 inches)
Thickness 7.3 mm (0.29 inches)
Weight 144 gramm (5.08 oz)
Waterproof IP67
Rear material Glass
Colors White, Black, Red
Fingerprint scanner Yes, the in-home button

Apple iPhone SE 3 has the same design as the last-gen Apple iPhone SE (2021). This design is very old. Apple has been using this design from the Apple iPhone 6 series. The design is not so eye-catching but it still has its hype. The height, weight, is pretty much good but the phone is 144 gram. Which is lighter also good in-hand experience. The phone has IP67 certification which is splash and dustproof resistant. The phone is lightweight because it’s made of glass. The back is Glass. The frame is made of Metal. The Apple iPhone SE 3 has a home button fingerprint sensor. The design is not a huge upgrade from the last-gen Apple iPhone SE (2021) but this Apple iPhone SE 3 can be seen in different colors. White, black, red I personally like the black color because it matches with the light-weight small iPhone.


Chipset Apple A15 Bionic
Max. clock 3223 MHz
CPU cores 6 (2 + 4)
Architecture – 4 cores at 1.82 GHz: Blizzard
– 2 cores at 3.223 GHz: Avalanche
Lithography process 5 nanometers
Graphics Apple GPU
GPU clock 1200 MHz

The Apple iPhone SE 3 comes with the Apple A15 Bionic. Which is fast when it comes to performance. Apple A15 Bionic is the pretty capable processor. It can manage tasks, games, heavy apps. Combine with the 4GB of ram it’s a good chipset. There is no SD card support on the Apple iPhone SE 3. Apple iPhone SE 3 has a memory capacity of 256GB. Which is quite amazing. You can capture pics, movies it will hold them together without considering it to move to a PC or A hard drive.

Considering this processor for gaming. It’s quite good because of the GPU of this smartphone. It’s Apple GPU. Which is based on 5NM makes it faster and more efficient. You can play PUBG Mobile on it and it will support full graphics giving you a stable 90Fps. I already made a complete article on the Apple A15 Bionic, if you haven’t watched that review then do consider checking that. This chipset is also at the top of the Geekbench 5 benchmarks. It has amazing GPU and CPU scores. This smartphone has the most fastest processor but this smartphone is so small that you can’t even game on it. The screen size is only 4.7inches and its IPS display with a 60Hz panel which is not fast as the processor of this smartphone.

 Memory Storage:

RAM size 4 GB
Channels 2


Storage size 12, 128, 256 GB
Storage type NVMe
Memory card No

Apple iPhone SE 3 comes with one variant of ram which is 4GB. The ram is LPDDR5 which is pretty fast. The ram frequency is 2750 mhz. considering the Apple A15 Bionic with the LPDDR5 ram. It’s a great combination. There is a two-channel ram. Which is not fast as the 4 channels but still can show good performance.

There are also three variants in the storage. The base one is 12GB and the peak one is 256GB. The storage is based on the NVME. Which gives you a good read and write speeds. There is no SD card support in this Apple iPhone SE 3. This smartphone has an amazing combination of ram and storage.


Geekbench 5:

(Single Core) 1716


(Multicore) 4719

 Now let’s talk about the benchmarks. The Apple A15 Bionic has good CPU scores in the Geekbach 5. The single-core score is 1716. This is quite impressive when it comes to single-core performance also the multi-core which is 4719. Which is a lot faster than the last-gen Snapdragon 888 Plus. This tiny little smartphone has the fastest CPU on the planet right now. But still it’s so small. So, giving the most fastest GPU and CPU is a little disappointing.

Apple iPhone SE 3

 AnTuTu Benchmark 9:

CPU 216330
GPU 328877
Memory 122242
UX 133383
Total score 805424

Now let’s talk about the Antutu 9 scores. The GPU is greatly optimized and has good scores, which is 328877 for a Flagship smartphone. The CPU scores are 216330. Which are a little bit faster than the last-gen Apple A14 Bionic. The CPU scores great thanks to the 5NM fabricator. The CPU is also has good architecture based on big Cortex X2 cores. The memory also scores great. Which is 122242. The UX scores are 133383. Which is fast enough to handle the dynamic refresh rate of the Apple iPhone SE 3. So, the UX also shows the best scores for a flagship Processor. The total score is a lot faster than the Snapdragon 888. The total score is 805424.


Operating system iOS 15.3

Apple iPhone SE 3 comes with the android iOS 15.3. Which is a lot smoother. Which is a lot faster than the last-gen iOS 14. This iOS 15.3 is bugs-free and lag-free with 60 Hz you can see the full smooth experience. This smartphone has the most optimized operating system. This operating system is highly protected and has advanced AI features.


Charge power 20 W
Battery 2300Mah Not confirmed
Battery type Li-Ion
Replaceable No
Wireless charging Yes
Reverse charging No
Fast charging Yes (50% in 30 min)

Apple iPhone SE 3 comes with a 2300mah battery which is not confirmed yet. Apple iPhone SE 3 has a 2300mah battery with 20waats of fast charging. Apple iPhone SE 3 can charge fully with the fast wire charging of 20watts in 60+ minutes. There is also wireless charging support. Which is not yet known yet. The charging speeds of wireless charging are also undefined.


Matrix 12 megapixels
Image resolution 4290 x 2800
Zoom Digital
Flash Quad-LED
Stabilization Optical
8K video recording No
4K video recording Up to 60FPS
1080p video recording Up to 60FPS
Slow-motion 240 FPS (1080p)

Apple iPhone SE 3 has a 12MP main sensor. Which is the same sensor Apple iPhone SE (2020) has. Which is capable of capturing the best photos with good dynamic range and good quality pics. It’s 12MP but with binning the photo size reduces to 8MP. There is no 8k support on this smartphone. A little disappointed to see there is no 8K in this smartphone. It is also 4k at 60 fps which is a good option for cinematic shots. There is also a slow motions support which is kept on 1080p at 240 fps. There is no ultra-wide-angle camera. And no telephoto lens. It’s just single camera with the same sensor as the last-gen Apple iPhone SE (2020).


Lenses 1 (12 MP)
Wide (main) lens – 12 MP
– Aperture: f/1.8
– Phase autofocus
– Optical stabilization
Camera features – Bokeh mode
– Pro mode

 The main sensor is 12mp. Which is I think the same sensor as the last-gen Apple iPhone SE (2020) has.  This sensor is brighter and big. Thanks to the aperture f/1.8. This sensor can take stronger portrait shots and can take great shots in the nighttime because it’s combined with a wider aperture. This sensor is very good at maintaining a good dynamic range in harsh conditions. This sensor is also good at taking very amazing portraits with strong bokeh and good depth of field. It is a 12MP sensor so, combining that with great software can result in the best in smartphone photography. The autofocus in this camera sensor is incredibly fast. The sensor has Phase Autofocus. Overall the sensor is big, bright, and powerful.

The camera feature the pro mode, bokeh mode. There is also the support of pro mode in the camera app of this Apple iPhone SE 3. This is great to have because it contains tons of details in videos and pictures.

There are a bunch of options in the camera app. Dual video mode, night mode, portrait mode, 4k video mode, 1080p video mode, slow-motion mode at different resolutions.

Selfie camera:

Megapixels 7 megapixels
Image resolution 4032 x 3024
Aperture f/2.2
Video resolution 1080p (Full HD) at 30 FPS

 Apple iPhone SE 3 has a 7mp of selfie camera. This is also a great camera considering it is 8mp with an aperture of f/2.0. This means the photos will be brighter in the nighttime. The video resolution is kept on 1k at 30fps. This sensor has optical image stabilization. This camera sensor is 7MP which will not contain tons of details in pictures and in videos. Its focal length is 26mm which is wide enough to take good wide shots. This sensor is big, bright, powerful, and contains a high dynamic range in good details shots. It’s only 7MP but with the iOS 15.3, it will capture great shots.


Wi-Fi standard Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax)
Bluetooth version 5
USB version 2
NFC* Yes
Infrared port No

When it comes to connectivity. The iPhone is best known for its signals and its speed capacity. The Apple iPhone SE 3 supports, the Wi-Fi 6 with the Bluetooth version of 5.0. Which makes the download speeds and uploads speeds faster and more efficient. Apple iPhone SE 3 comes with the USB type C generation 2. Which makes the charging speeds more power-efficient. With the support of the Wi-Fi 6, Apple iPhone SE 3 has a better coverage area. Apple iPhone SE 3 also has the support of Bluetooth version of 5.0 which makes it compatible with the latest Bluetooth devices. There is no NFC port. Apple iPhone SE 3 has better connectivity.


Speakers Stereo
Headphone audio jack No
Dolby Atmos Yes

Apple iPhone SE 3 doesn’t support a headphone jack. It’s a Mid-Flagship smartphone so, it has Stereo speakers with Dolby atoms support. The speakers sound well. You can listen to music and can take calls with these speakers. It’s also supported with the Dolby atmos which makes the sound experience on another level. The speaker has a nice amount of bass in the sound. You can feel the beat with the nice sound. There are two-speaker the one at the bottom and another at the top. The top speaker is also used to take calls. The sound quality of the Apple iPhone SE 3 is A+.

Final Thoughts:

Considering this smartphone for daily usage then it’s a great value smartphone with amazing features.  It’s not a total value phone for gaming also. This smartphone is good for people who are looking for a low compact smartphone, but there are tons of alternatives to this smartphone. This smartphone is good but I am not recommending it to buy for $350. There are good smartphones out of three in this price range.

So this was my full review of the Apple iPhone SE 3. If you guys learned something new then make sure you also watch my other reviews as well. Also check out my YouTube channel for new Reviews.

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