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BMW Electric Power Wheels Kids Ride on Car Review & Test Drive

BMW Electric Power Wheels:

BMW Electric Power Wheels Kids Ride on Car Review & Test Drive- This is a BMW 4×4 Battery Powered Kids Electric Ride on Car, I recently bought it for my son. I left Fahaam to play with this car and explore it for a few hours, and when I came home, the BMW logo was missing.

BMW Electric Power Wheels

I will talk about how powerful its motors are, its build quality, the recommended age for kids to use it, the features it has, how to operate it with the remote controller, how to connect and use the mobile application, and also show On-Road and Off-Road test drives. I will cover all of this to help you decide if this is the best ride-on car for your little ones. So, without any further delay let’s get started!!

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BMW Electric Power Wheels

The BMW Electric Power Wheels impresses right out of the box with its eye-catching design, sturdy build quality, realistic detailing, and a robust construction ensures durability and safety for young drivers.


BMW Electric Power Wheels

The BMW Electric Power Wheels comes with strong tires that are great for driving on different surfaces. Whether it’s on a smooth road or bumpy ground, these tires provide a safe and smooth ride. They have good grip, which means kids can turn corners easily without slipping. And they are tough too, so they won’t wear out quickly, giving your kids more time to enjoy their rides without worry. With these tires, your kids can have fun driving on all kinds of surfaces with confidence

Side Mirrors:

BMW Electric Power Wheels

The BMW Electric Power Wheels features cool side mirrors, just like real cars! These mirrors help kids see what’s around them while they are driving, making their playtime safer and more fun. They can adjust the mirrors to get the perfect view, just like grown up drivers do. With these side mirrors, kids can feel like they are driving a real car while staying safe and in control.

BMW Electric Power Wheels

Power Button:

When you turn on the power button, the magic begins! The car comes to life with exciting sounds and lights, signaling that it’s ready to go. Kids can feel the thrill of starting up their own vehicle and getting ready for an adventure. It’s like pressing the start button on a real car, but with all the fun and excitement tailored just for them!

Swing Mode:

When your child presses this button, the BMW Electric Power Wheels starts moving back and forth, just like a swing. So buckle up and get ready to swing into action with the push of a button! It’s like having a mini amusement park ride right in your own backyard! Kids can enjoy the sensation of swinging while sitting comfortably in their ride-on car. It adds a whole new dimension of fun to their playtime adventures.

Forward/Reverse Motion:

When your child presses the forward motion button and then steps on the accelerator pedal, the BMW Electric Power Wheels starts moving forward. It’s like giving the car a little push to get it going! Kids can control the speed and direction of the car by pressing the button and gently pressing down on the pedal. It’s easy and intuitive, allowing them to enjoy a smooth and exciting ride as they explore their surroundings. With these controls, your little ones can experience the thrill of driving their own car in a safe and fun way!

Playing Music:

BMW Electric Power Wheels

The BMW Electric Power Wheels comes with some other cool buttons too! These buttons let kids control different features of the car, like playing fun music or honking the horn. They are like the special controls on a real car dashboard, but made just for kids to enjoy. With these buttons, kids can customize their driving experience and have even more fun pretending to be real drivers. So get ready to press those buttons and embark on a journey full of excitement and imagination!

In this Car, you can also play Kids songs using a Flash Drive. You can control the volume, and you can even attach a microphone.

Remote Controller:

BMW Electric Power Wheels

The BMW Electric Power Wheels comes with a remote controller that allows parents to take control of the car from a distance. With the remote controller in hand, parents can steer the car, control its speed, and even bring it to a stop if needed. It provides an added layer of safety and supervision, especially for younger children who may still be learning to drive. The remote controller is easy to use and offers peace of mind for parents, knowing they can intervene if necessary. It’s like having a virtual driver’s seat for parents to ensure their child safety and enjoyment during playtime.

Mobile Application:

BMW Electric Power Wheels

The BMW Electric Power Wheels comes with a cool mobile application that you can download on your phone or tablet.

Using the DreamCar application, If you click on the HandSet Button, you can control the car steering, speed, forward, and backward movement. This application can be quite hand when the remote controller battery runs out. With this mobile app, you can take control of the car at anytime.

BMW Electric Power Wheels

Another cool thing about this application is that you can also control the car just by moving your phone, you might have seen this in Car racing, and car parking mobile games. I really liked this feature. You can access this feature by clicking on the Gravity Button.

You can also set combinations. For example, you can set a timer for forward movement, backward movement, and left/right movements…Once the timer combinations are set, the car will automatically control its movements according to the defined time intervals. This means that during the specified time frames, the car will drive forward, backward, or turn left and right as programmed.

BMW Electric Power Wheels

Kids aged 3 to 7 quickly learn to drive this car, but Fahaam is only two years old and doesn’t understand much yet. For the Off-road test drives watch video at the end of this article.

BMW Electric Power Wheels

Right now, he can only turn the car on and off, honk the horn, and play music on it. Maybe it will take him another 5 months to learn more. I will make another video when he learns to drive the car himself. So, that’s all for now.

Watch Video Tutorial:


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