FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder Full Review and Testing

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder:


FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder Full Review and Testing- Today, I have something special for all the tech enthusiasts and DIY pros out there. I’m holding the FNIRSI IR40 Smart Laser Rangefinder, and we’re about to see what this compact powerhouse has to offer. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the unboxing.

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As I open the box, the first thing that catches my attention is the sleek design of the FNIRSI IR40 Smart RangeFinder. It’s smaller than I expected, which is great for portability. Everything is neatly packed, and right away, it gives off a professional vibe.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

Inside, along with the rangefinder, we have a user manual, and a USB-C charging cable – thoughtful addition for any user.

Holding it in my hand, the build quality immediately stands out. It’s lightweight yet feels sturdy enough to withstand regular use.

Buttons and Features:

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

The ON/OFF buttons on the right side are well-placed, making it easy to operate with one hand. These ON and OFF buttons serve multiple purposes: the ON button can also be used as a ‘Measure’ key, and the OFF button doubles as a ‘Clear’ key. I will demonstrate their full functionality during the practical demonstration.

On the top, we have the Laser Receiver Lens and the Laser Emission Lens.

On the left side, you’ll find the Charging Indicator and the Type-C Port.

On the front is the LCD Display, and on the bottom side is the Reset Hole. If the device’s software becomes unresponsive or encounters an error that cannot be resolved through normal operation, using the reset hole can reboot the system, clearing the error.

Let’s power it up and check out the features. To turn on the FNIRSI Smart Laser Rangefinder, press and hold the ON key for at least 3 seconds.

To switch off the device, simply press and hold the OFF key for 3 seconds.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

Anyway the screen – it’s bright and clear, something I always appreciate in any digital tool.

This device is equipped with Bluetooth functionality. You’ll notice the Bluetooth icon blinking on its display, indicating that it’s currently not connected to a cell phone. The real magic happens when you pair it with the dedicated app, allowing for remote control and monitoring of the device. This feature adds a layer of convenience and versatility, as you can manage measurements and access additional functionalities right from your smartphone. I’ll delve into the specifics of how this works and demonstrate the app’s capabilities in more detail later in this video.

As you rotate the device, the display orientation adjusts automatically, ensuring that the measurements are always easy to read, regardless of how you hold the device. This feature is particularly useful in tight spaces or when measuring at awkward angles. The screen orientation adapts seamlessly, providing an upright display whether you’re holding the rangefinder horizontally, vertically, or even upside down. This means you can focus more on the accuracy of your measurement and less on how the device is positioned, making your work more efficient and user-friendly.

The default measuring unit on this device is set to meters. However, if you need measurements in feet and inches, you can easily switch units by quickly pressing the ON key twice.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

This quick toggle feature is designed for convenience, allowing you to seamlessly switch between metric and imperial units without disrupting your workflow.

Before you start measuring distances with the device, it’s important to choose your reference point – whether you measure from the front of the device (front datum) or from the back (rear datum). By default, the device is set to measure from the rear datum, indicated by a dotted line on the display. To switch to the front datum, quickly press the OFF key twice.

To measure a distance, first, press the ON key to activate the laser. Aim the laser at your target, ensuring the device remains steady. Once you’re aligned, press the ON key again to record the measurement.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

The device will display the distance accurately. If you’re not satisfied with the measurement and want to clear it, simply press the OFF key; this action will reset the measurement.

For continuous measurement recording, press the ON key once to turn on the laser, and then press it again to measure the distance. The device saves each measurement sequentially, labeled as L1, L2, L3, and so on, on the display. This feature is especially useful for tracking multiple measurements in one session.

You can clear the measurements one by one by repeatedly pressing the OFF key.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

This device is designed to work accurately right out of the box. However, if you find that your measurements are not as precise as expected, there’s a handy calibration feature available. To access this, press and hold the OFF key, then press and hold the ON key for at least 3 seconds. This action will bring up the calibration settings on the display.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

In calibration mode, you can adjust the measurement accuracy using the ON and OFF keys. The ON key increases the calibration value, while the OFF key decreases it. This allows for fine-tuning to ensure the device’s measurements align with your exact requirements. After selecting your desired calibration value, press and hold the ON key for a few seconds to save and exit the calibration mode.

In my experience, the device arrived perfectly calibrated with a default setting of 0mm, which worked great for my needs. However, the option to recalibrate is a valuable feature for those who require the utmost precision in their measurements.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

I measured the distance from the top of this table to the ceiling, and I was amazed by its accuracy.

Next, I tested the device’s precision by measuring the distance between two walls. The result was impressively accurate, closely matching my manual measurements with a traditional tape measure. This level of precision is particularly important for projects where even a small error can have significant consequences. The device not only provided a quick reading but also ensured that I could trust the accuracy of these measurements for my work.

I also conducted tests with various black objects, and the device performed exceptionally well, even in these typically challenging conditions.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

This was a short-range test, and the device’s accuracy with black objects at close proximity was impressive. However, it’s worth noting that I haven’t yet tested its performance over longer distances. The effectiveness of laser rangefinders with dark-colored objects can sometimes vary at greater ranges, so I’m curious to see how this device will handle measurements when the target is several meters away. This aspect is particularly important for those who frequently work in environments with diverse object colors and distances.

I’ll leave the long-distance test with black objects to you, as it’s currently too cold for me to venture outside. If you’ve already tested it under these conditions, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

To cycle through the various measurement modes on this device, simply long press the ON key. This action will switch the modes in a set order. It starts with ‘Linear Measurement’, which is your standard distance measuring mode.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

Following that, it moves to ‘Area Measurement’, useful for calculating the area of a space, and then to ‘Volume Measurement’, which is ideal for determining the volume of a room or a container. The device may offer additional modes depending on its features, each designed to cater to different measuring needs. This cyclic navigation makes it easy to quickly switch between modes based on the specific requirements of your task.

Now, let’s move on to connecting the Rangefinder to its Bluetooth app.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

First, you’ll need to download and install the Rangefinder app, which should take only about 3 to 4 minutes. Once the app is installed, and your device is powered on, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to pair the Rangefinder with your smartphone. You’ll know it’s connected when the Bluetooth icon on the device stops blinking.

On the main screen of the app, there’s a gear icon that allows you to select your preferred measurement units.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

Changing the units on the app will automatically update the units on the device as well, ensuring synchronization between the two. After setting your preferred unit, hit the back button to return to the main settings menu.

Next, you can start with the Datum setting. Then you can select between the Front datum and Rear datum. Once you are done with these basic settings then you can go back to the main screen.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

Here, you’ll find another icon next to the gear icon, which leads you to different measurement options: Distance, Rectangular Area, and Cube Volume. Select the one that fits your current needs. For this demonstration, I’ll choose ‘Distance’.

Finally, click on the upward-pointing arrow icon to enter the ‘Virtual Measure’ mode.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

In this mode, the app displays the distance measured by the Rangefinder in real-time, giving you a convenient and interactive way to track your measurements.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

To complete a measurement, press the ‘Save Data’ button in the app. You can repeat these steps for multiple measurements, which I found to be a particularly convenient feature. What I really appreciate is the ability to position the Rangefinder in a stable spot — it won’t move once placed.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

Then, you can conveniently record different measurements directly from the app. This setup not only enhances the accuracy of your measurements by ensuring the device remains steady but also saves a significant amount of time, especially when handling multiple or complex measurements.

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

You can use this calculator to perform mathematical operations on your measurements.

To create a drawing based on your measurements, press the ‘Draw’ option in the app. You’ll be presented with two choices:

‘Plane Drawing’ and

‘Draw on Picture.’

Choose the option that suits your needs. For this demonstration, let’s proceed with ‘Plane Drawing.’

FNIRSi 40M Smart RangerFinder

To begin your drawing, press and hold the ‘+’ icon, then drag it to the desired starting point. This action will set your initial position for the drawing.

Next, to draw a line, press and hold the ‘+’ icon again and drag it to the endpoint of your line. This process allows you to create a straight line in your drawing.

After drawing the line, you can assign the measurement to it. Select the line you’ve drawn, and input the measurement value you recorded with your Rangefinder. This step is crucial for ensuring that your drawing accurately reflects the real-world dimensions.

By repeating these steps — adding lines and assigning measurements — you can create detailed drawings of various objects or spaces. This feature is especially useful for visualizing measurements in a more tangible way and can be a great tool for planning and designing projects.

In conclusion, the FNIRSI IR40 is more than just a measuring tool; it’s a versatile companion for anyone who values precision, efficiency, and ease of use in their measuring tasks. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate DIY enthusiast, this rangefinder is sure to impress and deliver the results you need. Don’t forget to share your experiences with it, especially those long-range tests, in the comments below.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of the FNIRSI IR40 Smart Laser Rangefinder. If you found this review helpful, be sure to like, share, and subscribe for more tech reviews. Drop your thoughts or any questions about this device in the comments below. And let me know what you’d like me to unbox and review next. Until next time, keep measuring and stay smart!”

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