Blue Eye Technology and Application of the Blue Eyes Technology

Blue eye technology:

Have you guys just imagined the world where the computer tells you to calm down when you are angry, motivates you when you are frustrated, and provides all the help and pleasure? They are the actual best friends that do to you. This is actually possible by a technology called blue eyes technology.

What is blue eyes technology?

It is an aim at creating computational machines that have sensory abilities like those of human beings. It creates a computational machines that also feels like a human which uses camera and microphone to identify the actions and the emotions of a user by identifying the actions and emotions of the user. It also repeats like a human being.

The word blue in the blue eye technology stands for Bluetooth which facilitates wireless communication and eye stands for the eye movement which allows us to obtain a lot of interesting and necessary information. The basic thought behind this technology is to give the computer the human potential. We all have some perspective skills that as we can understand each other’s feelings for example we can understand one’s emotional state by analyzing his facial expression basically computer gains human power and intelligence. The blue eye technology aims at designing computational machine that have per spectral and sensory abilities similar to that of human beings. It uses our non-obtrusive sensing method using most modern video cameras and microphones to identify the users action through the use of imported sensory abilities. The machine can understand what a user wants where he is looking at and even realize his physical or emotional state.

Why a blue eyes?

The blue eyes are used to avoid and reduce the human limitations like tiredness oversight mental illness. So we human  sit in front of the computer for long time; it results in tiredness or oversight mental illness. So to reduce these limitations we can use a computer installed with the blue eyes technology.

Blue eye technology

The blue eyes technology can be used to less  mental illness of the human beings to build a machine that can understand your emotions verifying identity fields are a presence and interact with us. So for these limitations, to overcome these limitations a blue eyes technology can be used.

How can we make a computer see and feel:

Blue eyes use sensing technology to identify a user’s action and it extracts key information. Once the information extracted then it is analyzed to determine the user’s physical emotional or informational state so there are some technologies used in blue eye technology.


The hardware part comprises of the data acquisition unit and central system unit.

Data acquisition Unit:

The data acquisition unit is a mobile part of the blue eye system its responsibility is to fetch the physiological data from the sensor and to send it to the central system. To accomplish this task the device must manage wireless blue connections, personal ID cards and pin codes provide the operators authorization. Communication with the operator is carried on using a simple five key keyboard a small LCD and a beeper. Data acquisition unit is a commonly a light weight which runs on batteries with the low power consumption and it is very easy to use.

Blue eye technology

Jazz multi sensor:

Jazz multi sensor it is an eye movement sensor to provide a necessary psychological data in data acquisition unit. It also supplies a raw digital data regarding eye position the level of blood oxygenation acceleration along horizontal and vertical axis and ambient light intensity. The eye movement in that multi sensor can be measured using direct infrared holographic transducers.

Blue eye technology

Central system unit:

Hardware is the second pure of the wireless connection. The box contains a Bluetooth module and a PCM codec for voice data transmission. The module is transferred to a PC using a parallel serial and USB cable the audio data is obtained through standard mini jack sockets. To program the operators ID cards we develop a simple programming device.


The software system comprises of connection manager data analysis module visualization module.

Connection manger:

Now the software section connection manager it is responsible for handling the wireless communication between the mobile data acquisition unit and the central system unit. The connection manager manages communication with the CSU Hardware searching for new devices in the covered range establishing Bluetooth connection, authentication, incoming data buffering and sending alerts.

Data analysis module:

The data analysis module it performs the analysis of the raw sensor data to obtain information about the operators physiological condition. The separately running data analysis module supervises each of the working operator. The module consists of many smaller analyser obtaining different types of information. The most important analysis are motion eye movements to determine the level of operators visual attention, pulse rate analyser, uses body oxygenation signal to calculate operators pulse rate, custom analyzer to recognize the behavior then those which are built in the system.

Visualization Module:

Visualization module it enables them to watch each of the working operators geological condition along with preview of the second video source and they are recorded audio file. All the incoming alarm messages are instantly signalled to the supervisor. The visualization module can be set in an offline mode where all the data is fetched from the database watching all the recorded physiological parameters such as alarms videos and audio data.

System Overview:

The supervisor is able to reconstruct the course of the selected operators duty the hardware system overview there are some sensors used in this technology to measure the emotion of a person.

Blue eye technology

Technologies used in Blue eye technology:       

Following technologies are used in the blue eye technologies which are:

  • emotion mouse
  • manual and gas input cascaded which is commonly known as magic
  • artificial intelligence speech recognition (ASIR)
  • simple user interest tracker (SUITOR)
  • the eye movement sensor

Emotional Mouse:

Emotional mouse is a device to observe and interact the emotion of a user just by touching on it. Emotional mouse sends the mood by analyzing a pressure, temperature and heartbeat of the user. This analyzes a mood of by computer of the users like humans. We have we have five sense organs which is used to senses different moods. Similarly this mouse also has different sensors to sense the different moods of users. It is designed to evaluate an identify the users emotion such as fear, surprise, anger, sadness, happiness discussed etc. When he or she is interacting with the computer the main aim of the emotional Mouse is to collect the users physical and physiological data by just a mere touch pulse is taken by IR on the thumb the temperature is taken with the help of a thermistor chip and galvanic skin response is taken through fingertips.

Blue eye technology


Another type of emotional most is the CENTAC mosque it is a modified computer mouse that includes a directional pressure sensor for aiding in recognition of emotional valence.

Blue eye technology

Expression glasses:

Expression glasses are a pair of wearable device that allows any viewer to see a graphical view of the wearer’s facial expression. The glasses are having the capacity of learning an individual’s expression pattern and discriminating between various expressions like confusion and interest type of websites that the user links according to the mood and time of the day. The computer could search on related sites and suggest the results to the user.

Blue eye technology

Manual and Gaze input Cascaded (Magic):

In this technology the webcam is used to quickly determine the glints and pupils of the user under variable and realistic lightning conditions. So magic is the technique of tracking high movement of the user and perform the desired operations

Blue eye technology

Simpler User interest tacker (SUITOR):

Simple user interest tracker it helps by fetching more information at a desktop. it also notices where the user’s high eyes focuses on the screen it fills a scrolling ticker on a computer screen with information related to the user task.

Blue eye technology

Artificial intelligence speech recognition:

The voice words are scan and match against internally stored words. The user speaks to the computer through microphone will be stored internally. The pattern matching is designed to look for the best fit because of variation in loudness pitch frequency difference and time gap.

Blue eye technology

Applications of the blue eye technology:

There are many applications of blue eye technology one such is the military operation voice control of weapon is an example with reliable speech recognition equipments pilot can view command and information to the computer by simply speaking into their microphones.

Blue eye technology

They do not have to use their hands for this purpose voice recognition could also be used on computers for making Airlines and hotel reservation a user needs just to state his obligations to make a reservation, cancel a reservation or make inquiries about the schedule. This technology helps to observe the physical condition of operators in several industries. There many toxic substances are produced. So if any harm is caused these operators can automatically generate a signal therefore preventing catastrophe. it can be helpful to all the people who are driving when a sensor is attached to steering wheel it can assess the emotional stability of a driver and can guide him in traffic conditions whether to stop and take a break or continue driving.

Advantages and disadvantages of the blue eye technology:

The advantages are such that it provides a monitoring condition for physiological and it also reduces the works of human and increases efficiency.

The disadvantages of the blue eye technology are that it is not 100 percent accurate and it needs a minimization and its system will be a bulky. The system which installed with blue eyes technology will be bulky and will be very expensive.

Blue eyes enabled devices:

There are some devices in which the blue eyes technology are enabled uh the first blue eye enabled mass production device was a pod it is the car manufactured by Toyota. It could keep the driver alert and active it could tell the driver to go slow if he is driving too fast.

Blue eye technology

The next device installed with blue eyes technology is pong a robot. The IBM has released a robot called a PONG which is equipped with the eye blue technology. Pong is capable of perceiving the person standing in front of it. It could smiles when the person calls his name and expresses loneliness when it loses sight of the person.

Future of the blue eye technology:

The future a blue eye technology is that it can be used in ordinary household devices also like in televisions refrigerators and ovens and may be able to do their jobs when we look at them and speak to them. it also provides some more delicate and user friendly facilities in computing devices. it provides gap between the electronic and the physical world will be reduced. The computers can be also run using implicit commands instead of the explicit commands.

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