Design a Grove Sensor with Seeed Fusion and Win Over 300 USD Dollars

Grove Sensor for Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266, etc

Grove Sensor Designing Campaign:

Grove Sensor Design campaign
Design a Grove Sensor and win over 300 usd dollars from seed fusion

I am amazed the way Seeed Studio’s surprises everyone. A few days back they launched the world’s smallest ESP32C3 Development board. And this time round, Seeed studio’s has started a campaign where electronics hobbyists and professional designers are invited to design their dream Grove sensor with Seeed Fusion for a chance to win over 300 USD dollars.

You know very well Seeed Studio’s is a renowned company and I have been personally using their controller boards and other modules. Anyway, Seeed Studio has already more than 400 Grove modules from sensors, LEDs, inputs, wireless, displays, actuators, and so on, but they don’t have all the sensor modules, so they have given us the opportunity to design our own Grove Sensor for them.

Anyway, before you join the campaign, I highly recommend that you guys read a blog post written by Amanda Sun. She has explained each and every detail about the Gove Sensor Co-brand Campaign. And let me also tell you, the exciting news is, all the participants will get the chance to win over 300USD dollars in cash prize, obviously if you successfully design and submit the Grove module to Seeed studio’s.

This is not the first campaign launched by Seeed studio; Back in September 2018, they launched the “100+ Grove Modules Wish Campaign” with the objective of turning the top 10 ideas into a real Grove Module. That campaign really helped Seeed Studio in developing 100 Grove Sensors.

Anyway, if your design is selected and the designer agrees to license the product to Seeed studio for manufacturing and sale, as Seeed studio will produce your Grove modules design at Seeed Fusion and make it available via Seeed Bazaar. And after providing specific software documentation and getting started instructions, the designers will receive the payment over 300 dollars directly from Seeed Fusion.

To join the campaign, you will need to fill out the form by clicking on this link

In the form, you will have to enter your name, Country, Your email address, about your work, Your linkedin account, a few words about your Grove sensor module, write the chip name which you are going to use, and then 3 more questions, and then finally you can click on the submit button.

If your Gove idea is approved then Seeed Studio will contact you via email and Linkedin as soon as possible, and then you can start to prepare your Gerber and BOM File.

Each person is limited to two PCBA boards 100% free for one Gove design, including PCB fabrication, the cost of parts, assembly and free worldwide delivery.

Before, you start PCB designing, make sure you know about the Standard Size of Grove Sensor and Hole. You can find details about this in the Blog post, I have already shared the link above.

More than 40 designers from around the world have already joined the 2022 Grove Sensor Co-invent Campaign.

if your idea is selected then it will be marked Approved. And it will be rejected only if Seeed studio already has that sensor, they will share the link. So, make sure to check out the already available Grove sensor modules on the Seeed Studio official website.

So, that’s all about the Campaign and for you guys I have added all the links in the description. Best of luck with your designing and you can also let me know in a comment which sensor are you going to design?

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