How Can You Make The Most Out Of Solar Energy Appliances?



How Can You Make The Most Out Of Solar Energy Appliances- After buying domestic solar panels, many people seek out different ways to cut down their energy consumption to improve the efficiency of their solar panels. From investing in solar powered flood lights to installing a timer on home appliances, the following are some interesting ways to save energy and make the most out of your solar-powered appliances.

Method #1

Consumption of Solar Powered Appliances During the Day

Since solar panels tend to generate electricity through the sun, they can only create energy during the morning and afternoon time. Therefore, it is recommended to consume the maximum amount of energy during the day time by following some simple tips mentioned below.

  1. To charge smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic gadgets and machines during the daytime and unplugging their chargers from their sockets at night.
  2. Installation of timers for such devices and home appliances that run for the longest hours and consume the maximum amount of energy. For example, washing machines, heaters, dishwashers, etc.
  3. To set room heaters and coolers at the appropriate temperature during the day time, so that they can be turned off during the night time. Today, the temperature of many smart home appliances can be set by users in advance through their mobile phones.
  4. To invest more in such outdoor lights and home appliances that operate through solar-powered batteries and can be easily charged during the day. For example, using a solar outdoor camera system for home security instead of regular surveillance cameras.
  5. To make the most out of electronic appliances by investing in home inverters that can aid in the efficient consumption of electricity. This feature helps in consuming the required amount of energy and prevents excessive consumption of electricity.

Method #2

Using a Limited Number of Home Appliances

The total number of home appliances that can be charged from sunlight depends on the type of solar panels used and the total amount of energy a particular home appliance requires. However, a great way to make sure that less energy is being used is by avoiding the use of multiple home appliances at a single time.

Method #3

To Check the Consumption of Energy on a Regular Basis

Since all home appliances do not consume the same amount of energy, it is recommended to find out the energy consumption of all home appliances before installing your solar energy panels. Many advanced solar systems come with a feature of online monitoring of the total production of solar energy. Solar meters are another popular option to track down the total solar consumption.

Method #4

Installation of a Solar Battery

There are plenty of solar powered battery systems that can be easily integrated with solar panels for controlling the consumption of energy during the day. These systems allow users to store electricity from their solar panels or directly through their solar grid and use it during the night when there is no sunlight. Solar charge controllers such as CM3024Z regulates the flow of current to prevent batteries from overcharging. Ideally batteries require 14 volts to get completely charged.

Method #5

Maintenance of Solar Panels

In order to ensure the smooth running of a solar system, solar panels should be frequently cleaned. Depending on the size and model of your solar panels, you can clean them either once or twice a year to remove any underlying dust, grime, mould, etc. If not cleaned properly, the solar panels won’t be able to receive a sufficient amount of sunlight to power home your appliances. When installing solar energy systems, try to remove any plants or trees that might be blocking the sunlight.

Method #6

Using a Limited Amount of Electricity

The simplest method to save energy is by limiting the daily consumption of electricity. Following are some simple tips for reducing the consumption of energy through home appliances:

  1. Air drying clothes instead of drying them in a dryer
  2. Use room fans and mini room coolers as they require less amount of energy than air conditioners
  3. To switch off home appliances manually instead of letting them stay in a standby or sleep mode, as they continue to use electricity
  4. Investing in the proper insulation of the house and avoid any unnecessary gaps and spaces
  5. Investing in roof turbines for keeping the home cool during the summer months
  6. Keeping the temperature of air conditioners between 25 C.
  7. Using motion sensor LED lights instead of fluorescent bulbs

By following the tips mentioned above, you can reduce your energy costs and use your solar-powered devices in a more efficient and organized way.

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