How to Convert JPG to Excel Spreadsheet (Best Tools)


If you want to convert JPG to Microsoft Excel format, then you have reached the right place. Although there are innumerable conversion tools available around the internet that are specifically designed to create Excel files from existing JPG images. After a comparison, we shortlisted a few best and easy to process JPG to Excel converters that does not involve huge manual intervention and daunting installation to make conversions.

Moreover, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the super-fast utility that lets you recognize text embedded in image and scanned photos and turn it into machine-readable characters.

Also, you can fetch the best image to excel converter from a card scanner that lets you convert

 jpg to excel online with OCR-based text extraction for free.


Online2PDF mainly accounts for making to and from PDF files conversion without any quality distraction. Also, it provides you with the best JPG to Microsoft converter that changes your existing photos into editable and easy to navigate MS Excel file format. In addition to that, you can compress, edit, lock, and do much more with PDF files without any cost.

The most amazing thing about this web-based program is that it yields high quality outcomes while converting files. Even its advanced OCR feature recognizes the images that contain tables and stores as it is in converted MS Excel.

Why Use?

  • Considerable results with best OCR for JPG to Excel conversion
  • Free and full-fledged tools
  • Process all PDF files (scanned and images)
  • Customize options for export file
  • Batch conversions

Why Don’t?

  • Results distortion for complicated files
  • Only supports 6 languages

How to Turn JPG to MS Excel free with Online2pdf?

  • Open Online2PDF and fetch its JPG to Excel converter online and start adding your JPG images for instant conversions
  • Then, all you require to proceed further with choosing file language for OCR, this is where you can customize the converted Excel file (if required) and hit Convert button
  • Once the jpg to excel conversion is done by this converter, it will automatically download your converted excel files into your system


Converting files with an advanced OCR process is not a longer issue as this source takes minimal effort to make transformation. You can now create an OCR based Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from the existing image while preserving the original context.

The upside is that this online OCR tool functions to recognize text over 40 languages with zero hassle. In addition to that, you can get the preview for the converted file prior to download.

Why Use?

  • High quality image to xlsx conversion
  • Free to process and well-organized
  • Supports 40 languages
  • Fetch image preview prior to save

Why Don’t?

  • Hard to deal with complicated files
  • Cannot process multiple files at once
  • Only 3 exported formats
  • Only 15MB file size allow

How to Convert JPG to Excel for Free with OnlineOCR?

  • Open the OnlineOCR website into your browser and navigate to its JPG to Excel converter
  • Then, start adding the existing images and move further on by choosing the language
  • Once you followed the above steps, simply select the Excel as output format
  • Click Convert
  • Download your converted Excel file


This online conversion does not require a huge introduction as it is always an expert choice regarding online files transformation. The best thing is that it uses advanced quality and

formatting preservation algorithms to provide their user with remarkable results. Start using its full-fledged JPG to Excel converter free to change one or more images at once into readable and editable Excel files.

Additionally, if you have audio, video, eBooks, PDF, and other files format and seek for a free way to make conversions, then this is an ultimate option for you.

Why Use?

  • Quality preserved results for JPG to Excel conversion
  • All converters are 100% free
  • Clean, easy to understand and well-organized interface
  • Supports batch files conversions for all tools
  • Supports nearly all popular languages

Why Don’t?

  • Couple of Ads

How to Turn JPG into Excel using theonlineconverter?

  • Explore JPG to Excel converter by theonlineconverter from your browser
  • Start importing the images according to your preferred option and hit the Convert button
  • This tool online process online OCR conversion within matter of seconds, then Download All converted excel xlsx files at once with a single go


This is one of the best OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversion utilities that does all in the matter of seconds without compromising the quality. Even now you can get different

OCR-dependent tools such as image to text, jpg to pdf, png to excel, jpg to excel, and more for free of cost.

In addition to that, it entertains you with bulk images to Microsoft Excel files conversion with OCR for free. It allows you to convert up to 15 files at once, you have to stick with its PRO plan right now in order to excel the files and size limits.

Why Use?

  • Loaded with a huge variety of online OCR tools
  • Free batch JPG to Excel conversions
  • Multiple export formats
  • Multi-lingual support

Why Don’t?

  • Loaded with bulk Ads

How to Convert JPG to XLSX Online using Card Scanner?

  • Get JPG to Excel converter online with OCR from card scanner
  • Add one or up to 15 images at once and hit Convert button
  • Save your converted Microsoft Excel (xlsx) files online simultaneously by clicking the Download All button

Congrats, you encountered a few best ways that enable turning one or batch of photos at once into an editable MS Excel file. Give a try to any one or more tools according to your conversion need and save JPG as Excel with OCR. Good Luck

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