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DIY Peltier based Air conditioner

Peltier Based Air Conditioner, Project Description:


Peltier based air conditioner- This is part1 of the DIY Peltier based portable 12 volts DC solar panel or battery-powered air conditioner. If you search on the Google and YouTube you will find so many articles and videos on the Peltier based Air conditioner, the things that are common among all these videos are

  1. Poor heat transfer management.
  2. The cold air and hot air both are generated in the same place, due to which you will never feel any decrease in the room temperature.

In this tutorial, we will focus on how to make the best heat transferring system for the Peltiers to ensure maximum cooling at temperatures even greater than 35c which is the normal ambient temperature in Pakistan, India and some other countries during the summertime,  and I will also tell you how to keep the Hot side and cold side completely isolated. I will explain the whole system using Solidworks and then I will practically show you how efficiently my designed heat transferring system works.

To design the most efficient and practical model of the heat transferring system first, I decided to make a 3d model in SolidWorks, so that I can best understand the whole process before I start practically making the Peltier based 12v battery powered Air conditioner.

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Peltier based air conditioner

First I started off with the dimensions of the Peltier, each Peltier is 40 x 40mm, I selected a minimum distance of 30mm, this is not the final distance and can be changed during the practical installation. But at this point, it will help me to decide the approximate length and width of the Water Tube.

Peltier based air conditioner

I used SolidWorks 2016 for the 3d model designing. If you want to learn SolidWorks designing, then watch my tutorials, I will provide links in the description. The Peltier based Air conditioner 3d models can be downloaded from my website….


heat transfer solidworks design


Peltier based air conditioner

The heat transferring Tube is ready, as you can see it has inlet and outlet openings for the water.

Peltier based air conditioner

As you can see all the 4 Peltiers are fixed on the Water Tube,

Peltier based air conditioner

and I also added a heatsink so that more heat can be transferred to ensure maximum cooling…as you can see I also changed the position of the outlet opening.

So when the water enters through the inlet opening, First the tube will get fully filled with water, this way the water absorbs the maximum heat and then leaves the tube through the outlet opening…

Peltier based air conditioner

Now we will connect this aluminum plate with the cold side of the Peltiers.

Peltier based air conditioner

now you can see the Peltiers are sandwiched between the Wate tube and the aluminum plate. So now it’s time to practically check this, and see if it can cool the aluminum plate…

For the Practical installation and testing watch video Tutorial at the end of this Article.

Peltier based air conditioner

All the four Peltiers are powered up using a 12v Battery and also the water pipe is connected. Now I will use the computer CPU fan and let’s see if we can make this plate cold enough to make some water drops….

Peltier based air conditioner

This plate is really cool and is ready for the final installation.

Peltier based air conditioner

In the next video, I will complete the final setup as per the 3d model as you can see on the screen. The pipe connected at the bottom of the bucket will be connected with a 12v dc water pump. The 12v dc water pump will be used to circulate the water. The green sheet is the insulating material and there are also two supports at the bottom of the water tube.


Watch Video Tutorial:


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  1. which pump are you using for this ? how big should be the water tank? which delta you gout get for how long ?

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