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Flysky FS i6 Elevons, Aileron Setup for RC Plane or RC Flying Wings


Flysky FS i6 Transmitter Elevons Setup:


In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup Elevons and Ailerons for an RC plane or RC Flying Wing type design using the Flysky FS i6 Transmitter and a 6 channel Receiver. Without any further delay, let’s get started!!!

Flysky FS i6

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Flysky FS i6

We have two servos and a 1000KV Brushless DC motor. The Brushless motor is connected with Channel 3 and the two servos are connected with channels 1 and 2. The Servo motors are connected with the control surfaces called Elevons. The reason these control surfaces are called Elevons because they both work as Elevators for the Up and Down pitch movement and as the ailerons for the roll movement of the RC Plane. So, anyhow the transmitter is already bound to the receiver. Before you start setting up the Elevons, make sure you remove the propellers, check all your connections and then go ahead and connect your battery to power up all the electronics.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Turn ON your transmitter, and you can start by checking your control surfaces using the control sticks or joysticks.

If you have the same setup as mine, you will see when you move the control stick or joystick in the downward direction or in the upward direction, you will only be able to control the left side control surface, now this is because the two Servo motors are connected with different channels. The same thing happens when you move the control stick to the left and right. If you check the left Gimble or control stick, or joystick you will see channel 3 in action, and you will be able to control the speed of the Brushless DC motor.  The only problem you will find with channel 1 and channel 2, as the two servo motors are connected with different channels and this the reason the two servo motors behave in an abnormal way. This is what we are going to fix now.

  • Press and hold the Ok button to open the main menu.

Flysky FS i6

On the right side, you can see the OK and CANCEL buttons, while on the left side you can see the UP and DOWN buttons. To open the main menu you will need to press and hold the OK button for a few seconds. This will open the main menu. In the main menu, you will see two categories, the system setup, and the functions setup. Use the UP button to select the functions setup.

Flysky FS i6

Open the setup functions. You will see a list of different functions.

Flysky FS i6

Press the down key to scroll down and select the Elevon and press the Ok button.

Flysky FS i6

You can see the Elevon is set to OFF, to turn this ON press the UP or DOWN button.

Flysky FS i6

 Finally, press and hold the cancel button to save the changes. Now, you can go ahead and check if the problem is fixed. At this point, the two channels are mixed and now you can control both the servo motors at the same time, but working in the opposite way. You might be thinking why this is happening? This is because the two servo motors are installed in the opposite way. For confirmation, you can check the servo motors in the image given above. If they were fixed in the same orientation they would work perfectly. But in my case, the servo motors are fixed in the opposite way, so I need to fix this issue. The goal is when I move the control stick down or up the control surfaces should move up and down both at the same time, while for the control stick left and right movement the control surfaces should move in opposite directions. So, let’s fix this.

Open the main menu and use the UP and DOWN buttons to select the functions setup and press the OK button to open the functions list. At the very top, you will see the Reverse function. Click the Ok button to open this.

Flysky FS i6

Press the UP key to reverse channel 1 and that’s it. Now press and hold the Cancel key to save the changes. This will fix the issue. I tested everything and I was able to control the UP-DOWN and LEFT-RIGHT movement. Now this works exactly, the way I wanted it to work.

For the practical demonstration watch the video tutorial given below.

**Remember, use caution and common sense when building and flying RC plane, and observe applicable laws and regulations (and keep your fingers away from the hot things and spinny part!)**

Watch Video Tutorial:


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  1. Thank you for your complete explanation Shahzada! You helped and save me fixing my trouble.I learned to know a bit more about the flysky features.

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