RC Plane Designing

RC Plane Designing Calculations, Making, and Flight Test

  RC Plane Designing, Description: RC Plane Designing, Making, and Flight Test- In my previous tutorial, I explained how to build an RC Paper airplane using a readymade template, how to set... Read more »
RC Paper Airplane

RC Paper Airplane made of foam board using 2600kv Brushless

  RC Paper Airplane: RC Paper Airplane Making and Flight Test- In this tutorial, you will learn how to make this 1 meter long RC Paper Airplane using 5mm thick foam board,... Read more »
Flysky FS i6

Flysky FS i6 Elevons, Aileron Setup for RC Plane or RC Flying Wings

  Flysky FS i6 Transmitter Elevons Setup:   In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup Elevons and Ailerons for an RC plane or RC Flying Wing type design using the... Read more »