Raspberry Pi LCD 16×2 Liquid Crystal display interfacing and python code

Raspberry Pi LCD 16×2, Overview: Raspberry Pi LCD 16×2 Liquid Crystal Display interfacing and Python Code– The 16X2 LCD display is a very inexpensive module (see Figure 1). It usually has a... Read more »
Arduino 16x2 I2C LCD

Arduino16x2 i2c LCD, Nodemcu 16×2 i2c LCD Code & Library

Description: Arduino 16×2 I2C LCD, Nodemcu 16×2 i2c LCD Code & Library- I have been using 16×2 LCD in different projects. For displaying the Date and time information, In a password-protected door... Read more »
16x2 LCD

16×2 LCD Arduino, Introduction, Pinout, datasheet,and Proteus simulation

16×2 LCD Description: This Tutorial “Arduino 16×2 LCD” is based on the famous 16×2 LCD interfacing and programming. LCD modules are commonly used in most embedded projects, the reason being its cheap... Read more »
Arduino LCD AutoScroll

Arduino LCD AutoScroll, 16×2 LCD Text Scrolling, Running Text LCD

Description: Arduino LCD AutoScroll or 16×2 LCD Text Scrolling Project is about the text Scrolling on a 16×2 LCD. This is a small tutorial on how to scroll text on a 16×2... Read more »