Bluetooth Technology, Bluetooth Working, & Uses of Bluetooth

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is mainly designed to enable wireless communications and used for exchange data over short distances. Bluetooth is local area network. Some key benefits of Bluetooth... Read more »
ESP32 Bluetooth

ESP32 Bluetooth & Wifi together for Smart House / Home Technology

Description: ESP32 Bluetooth & Wifi together- ESP32 Bluetooth + Wifi Module by the Espressif systems come with the built-in Low Energy Bluetooth Module which can be used just like the standard HC-05... Read more »
Magnetic Hall Effect

Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor Arduino Programming, Interfacing & applications

Description: Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor Arduino Programming, Interfacing & applications– In this Tutorial you will learn how to use the Magnetic Hall Effect sensor with Arduino. This Tutorial covers the extreme basics... Read more »
Bluetooth controlled Robot

Arduino Bluetooth controlled Robot using L298n Motor Driver Android App

Bluetooth controlled Robot Project Description: Bluetooth Controlled Robot- In this Tutorial, you will learn how to make an Arduino Bluetooth controlled Robot Car using L298N Motor Driver and An Android Cell Phone... Read more »
Bluetooth smart lock

Arduino Bluetooth Smart Lock using Android cell phone application

Bluetooth Smart Lock Project Description: This is a very detailed tutorial on how to use the HC-05 and HC-06 Bluetooth module to make the smart lock. In this tutorial, you will also... Read more »

How to use GSM and Bluetooth Together To monitor Any Sensors wirelessly using Arduino

GSM and Bluetooth Together, Project Description: GSM and Bluetooth Together- In this Tutorial, you will learn how to use GSM and Bluetooth together to monitor any Sensors. In this project, the sensors... Read more »
Bluetooth arduino

Arduino Bluetooth Pin Code and Name changing using AT commands

Description:  Arduino Bluetooth- This is a very basic and yet very important Tutorial in which you will learn how to change the name and pin code or password of the Bluetooth module... Read more »
Wireless temperature

Wireless Temperature monitoring system using Bluetooth

Wireless temperature Monitoring Project Description: Wireless Temperature Monitoring- This tutorial is based on the wireless Temperature monitoring using Bluetooth module, Arduino Uno and Android cell phone application. In this project, the temperature... Read more »