Python Classes

Python Classes and Objects With Examples

Creating Python classes Related variables and methods are grouped together in python classes. The easiest  form of python classes definition looks like this: class ClassName: <statement-1> … <statement-N> Python Classes are defined... Read more »
C++ class

C++ class with programming examples

C++ Class: C++ Class- The most important feature of the C++ programming language is that it supports object-oriented programming (OOP). In OOP, the computer program is divided into objects. OOP language is... Read more »
Functions Overloading

Functions Overloading in c++ with example code

Functions Overloading: Functions Overloading-Declaring more than one function with the same name but with a different set of arguments and return data types is called function overloading. For example, three functions with... Read more »

Polymorphism in C/C++ And types of Polymorphism

Polymorphism: Polymorphism is another most important feature of object oriented programming. In polymorphism, the member function with the same name are defined in each derived class and also in the base class.... Read more »
tkinter python

tkinter python clock designing tutorial for beginners

Description: tkinter python clock designing tutorial for beginners- this is a very basic and detail tutorial about, how to design a clock in python using tkinter widget. If you don’t know how... Read more »
C++ Pointers

C++ Pointers and how to use them in c++ programming

C++Pointers: C++ pointers are one of the most powerful elements of the C/C++ language. It provides a way of accessing the variable. A pointer is a special variable that represents the location... Read more »
User Defined Function

User Defined Function in C/C++ And How To Use Them In Programming

What is a function: User-Defined Function-A function is a subprogram or module to which any amount of data can be sent but which returns only one value. A function is used to... Read more »
storage class in c

Storage Class In C / C++ And How To Use Automatic, Register, Static And External

Storage class: When a storage class in c/c++ is not present in the declaration the compiler assumes default storage class based on the place of declaration. The storage class besides the following... Read more »
inheritance in C++

Inheritance in C++, Different Types of Inheritance and Their uses, examples

INHERITANCE in C++ The second most important aspect of object-oriented programming is inheritance. The code of existing classes is used in inheritance for making new ones that saves time for a new... Read more »
bitwise operators

Bitwise operators in C/C++, AND, OR, XOR, left shift, right shift

Description: Bitwise operators– In the C/C++ programming language, Operations can be performed on a bit level using bitwise operators. This is going to be a long article, as we will be doing... Read more »