Python String Functions Or Methods, Python Substring, Python Split String

Python String Functions You can get a list of all the Functions associated with string by passing the str function to dir() [crayon-628b772f1d053037188019/] Various methods associated with str are displayed Amazon Purchase... Read more »

Python String Format, String Format Specifiers, Escape Sequences, Raw Format

Python String Format: Python String Format-Python supports multiple ways to format text strings. These include %-formatting and str.format(). Each of these methods has their advantages, but in inclusion, have disadvantages that make... Read more »

Python Encapsulation, Encapsulation Abstraction

Encapsulation Python Encapsulation is one of the fundamental concepts in object-oriented programming (OOP). Python Encapsulation is the process of combining variables that store data and methods that work on those variables into... Read more »

Pointer Variables in C++ with Examples

Pointer Variables: Pointer Variables- A variable that is used to store the memory address is called a pointer variable. Pointer variable is also simply called a pointer. Usually, a pointer is used... Read more »

Decision Making in php if, ifelse, switch case statements

Decision Making Decision Making:- One of the most useful aspects of a programming language is the ability to do different actions in different situations. I use an umbrella if it rains today,... Read more »

Mysql Data Types Strings, Numeric, DateTime

Mysql Data Types Mysql Data Types- In this tutorial you learn how to set up detail specifications of MySQL tables. First you learn about the different mysql data types and attributes and... Read more »

Function Programming Python Lambda, Python Iterators, Python Generators, Python List Comprehensions

Functional Programming Python supports a form of programming called Functional Programming (FP) that involves programming with functions where functions can be passed, stored, and returned. FP decomposes a problem into a set... Read more »

Python Constructor Method with Examples

Python Constructor Method Python uses a special method called a Python Constructor method. Python allows you to define only one per class. Also known as the init() method, it will be the... Read more »

JavaScript while loop and do-while loop with programming examples

JavaScript while Loop: The mechanism through which a set of statements (or single statement) can be executed repeatedly until the given condition becomes true is called loop. Loop statements are used to... Read more »

JavaScript If, If Else If Statement, Nested If Else, Switch Case Statement

JavaScript if Statement: The JavaScript if statement is a conditional statement used to execute or to ignore certain statements of the program/script on conditional basis. The JavaScript if statement evaluates the given... Read more »