basic electronics components

Basic electronics components: diode, Led, Capacitor, Coil, Transistor, & Relay

Basic electronics components, Overview: If you take a look at any electronics circuit you will find diodes, LEDs, Capacitors, Coil, Transistors, and relays, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of different types... Read more »
IoT Power relay

IoT Power Relay Project using ESP32 Wifi + Bluetooth, IoT Relay

IoT Power Relay Project Description: IoT Power Relay Project using ESP32 Wifi + Bluetooth Module- This DIY IoT Power Relay based on the ESP32 WiFi + Bluetooth module can be used to... Read more »

Arduino ULN2003 Driver to control a relay

Arduino ULN2003, Description: Arduino ULN2003– Today’s Tutorial is about the ULN2003A, which is most commonly used in electronics circuits. One of its most common uses is that uln2003 is used as a... Read more »