Transistors Explained- Electronics Basics

Transistors Explained- Electronics Basics: Transistors-  I have been using NPN and PNP type transistors for quite a long time, in different electronics based projects and controller based projects for controlling relays, motors,... Read more »
basic electronics components

Basic electronics components: diode, Led, Capacitor, Coil, Transistor, & Relay

Basic electronics components, Overview: If you take a look at any electronics circuit you will find diodes, LEDs, Capacitors, Coil, Transistors, and relays, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of different types... Read more »
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Electronic projects with 2n2222 Transistor or BC547 Transistor

Description: Electronic projects with 2n2222 Transistor or BC547 Transistor- BC547 NPN Transistor is of the most popular Bipolar Junction Transistors. So many amazing electronic projects can be built using this transistor. Recently... Read more »

What is a Transistor? PNP Transistor and NPN Transistor, BJT

Transistor / Bipolar Junction Transistor BJT: Transistor is called a Bipolar junction transistor BJT because the function of a transistor is based on both majority charge carriers (F.b) and minority charge carriers... Read more »