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Arduino Mega GUI

Arduino Mega Touch Screen GUI– In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple touch screen GUI using Arduino Mega TFT 5 inch Touch LCD. This tutorial explains everything that will help you create your own GUI for a 5-inch TFT touchscreen. In this tutorial, a variable resistor will be used as the sensor to display its value on the HMI touch screen. In this tutorial you will also learn how to make buttons and how to write a program to control some Relay, that can be used to control ac or dc loads.

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HMI Touch screen Breakout board soldering:

Breakout board for the touch screen

As you can see currently this module cannot be used with the output devices like a relay, led’s, etc, for the external hardware interfacing we will need to make some changes, we will Solder some wires with the desired pins so that it can pass digital signals to the controlling circuit.

started by soldering some jumper wires with the ground and pins 13,12,11 and 10.

This breakout board will be used with Mega. As you can see all the pin’s of the mega are occupied by the breakout board, so that’s why we had to solder jumper wires with the breakout.

Programming of the Touch Screen GUI:

 Before you start the programming, first of all, make sure that you download all the necessary libraries. The functions used in this program are explained in the pdf files which you can download by clicking on the links given below.

For the complete program explanation watch video tutorial given at the end of this article.




Watch Video Tutorial:



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