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How to Generate PCB Gerber Files and Order Prototype PCBs for Free, JLCPCB

Generate Gerber Files, Description:

The majority of the PCB manufacturing companies charge you 5 dollars or more for 5 PCBs, but if you order the same number of PCBs from the JLCPCB you will only need to pay 2 dollars, and plus you also get coupons which you can use at any time. So, this way you can order your prototype PCBs absolutely for free.

Gerber Files

I have personally ordered some PCBs which I am going to use in my upcoming projects.  Before you can place your first order on the JLCPCB official website, first you will need to create an account and then you can start by uploading your Gerber files which hardly takes a minute or 2. So, in this article, I am going to explain the JLCPCB Account Registration, how to generate Gerber files, and how to place an online order on the JLCPCB Official website.

$2 for 5 PCB, SMT Assembly fee $0

Without any further delay, let’s get started!!!

Account Registration on JLCPCB:

You can start by typing

Click on the sign in if you have already registered an account, otherwise click on the start here.

Gerber Files

Now, all you need just fill these boxes.

Gerber Files

Finally, click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button.

A verification email will be sent on your registered email id, click on the link and you are done with the registration. My account is registered and now I can order my PCBs. After registering an account on the JLCPCB official website you can start placing your first order, but for this, you will need the PCB Gerber files. You can’t submit your original PCB design. JLCPCB accepts only Gerber files. So, next, I am going to explain how to generate Gerber files using Cadesoft Eagle Schematic and PCB designing software.

How to Generate PCB Gerber Files:

Make sure the latest version of the Cadsoft Eagle is already installed on your computer. Or you can use any online or offline tool to generate the Gerber files. For now, I will use the Cadesoft Eagle.

Gerber Files

Open your PCB design. Click on the File menu > Open > Board, open the folder where your PCB file is saved. You can also download the original PCB board given below.

Download the Brd file

Gerber Files

Double-check all the connections before you generate PCB Gerber files, once you are satisfied with all the connections, click on the file menu and then click on the CAM Processor.

Gerber Files

This will open the CAM Processor window as you can see in the picture given below.

Gerber Files

On the top you can see the Export as ZIP check box, check this box.

Gerber Files

After checking the Export as ZIP box the next step is to click on the Profile available under the Gerber heading.

Gerber Files

Now, the final step before you clicks on the Process Job button is to click on the Edit Layers.

Gerber Files

This will open the Layers window, scroll down and select the dimensions layer and add it by clicking on the OK button. Now you can click on the Process job to generate PCB Gerber Files.

This will generate the ZIP folder consisting of all the required PCB Gerber files.

Gerber Files

You can right-click on the ZIP folder and extract all the files, if in case you want to check what’s inside this ZIP folder. This is how easily you can generate PCB Gerber files using the Cadsoft Eagle software.

PCBs Online Order Placement on JLCPCB:

After Generating the Gerber files, while your JLCPCB account is opened, click on the Order now and then click on the Add Gerber file button and select the Gerber files zip folder and then wait for a few seconds.

Gerber Files

This will automatically detect the dimensions. Select the number of layers, the number of PCBs you want to order, and Select the PCB color.

Gerber Files

I left everything else to their default values. Finally, click on the SAVE TO CART button and you are done. If you have more PCBs then you can repeat the same steps for all the PCBs.

Gerber Files

I also got these extra coupons which I can use while ordering other PCBs. If you want cheap yet high-quality PCBs then you should definitely start with JLCPCB. Below are the PCBs I recently received from the JLCPCB, as you can see the Quality is really great, the silkscreen is quite clear and everything looks perfect. I will be using these PCBs in intermediate and advanced level projects, so don’t forget to subscribe to my Website and YouTube Channel.

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