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Introduction to Electronics

Introduction to Electronics:

Introduction to Electronics– In its broadest meaning, Electronics is that branch of engineering and science that deals with electron devices or instruments and their applications or with the utilization attained from the usage of such devices. By an electron device, we mean such a device through which the flow of electrons or conduction of electrons occurs through a vacuum, gas, or semi-conductor. Electron devices perform myriad functions such as Rectification, Amplification, Control, Generation, Conversion of light into electricity, Conversion of electricity into light, etc.

Electronics due to its usage and effectiveness has gained tremendous importance in the industry (Automatic Control Systems, Heating and Welding Systems, Analogue and Digital Systems) Defense (Radar, Guided Missile, Coded Communication) Medical Sciences(X-Rays, Electron Microscope, Electro Cardiogram, Electro Therapy, CT Scan, Ultrasound) Instrumentation (Accurate & Precise Measurement) Line Communication(Telegraphy, Telephony, Telex, Tele Printers) Wireless Communication( Radio Broadcasting, TV Broadcasting, Satellite Communication) and Audio Systems (Record Players, Tape Recorders, Stereo Amplifiers, etc.)

The present era is the age of solid-state electronics. Due to the explicit benefits of solid-state devices as compared to vacuum tubes, solid-state instruments have replaced vacuum tubes (valves) rapidly. However, despite this, vacuum tubes are still being used pretty successfully at certain places. The main reason is that transistors cannot control or handle high power (maybe one day it becomes possible with the development of high-powered transistors in the coming years). Thus, wherever high power matters, the use of vacuum tubes is very essential. For instance, vacuum tubes are being used for generating high-powered radio waves in a radio transmitting station. The application of picture display tubes in modern and state-of-the-art TV sets is another instance of the utilization of vacuum tubes. Therefore, it is necessary to have some basic knowledge about vacuum tubes prior to gaining a grasp over solid-state appliances and circuits.

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