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Raspberry Pi Send Email using Python

Send emails using Raspberry Pi:

Send emails using Raspberry Pi and Python Code- In this article you will learn how to send emails using Raspberry Pi and Python programming. After reading this article you will be able to send emails and you will also be able to send images taken with Raspberry Pi camera in an email. The Raspberry Pi code can be easily modified so this way you can also send sensors data in an email to a remote user. You can make amazing monitoring systems, Security Systems etc.

Sending e-mails in a Python program is not difficult in itself, but requires that various modules interact. The task for the first example is to send an email with both the subject and the message text also contain non-ASCII characters. For the real e-mail transport you must have access to an SMTP server. The abbreviation SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is the usual protocol for sending of emails.

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In the Python program, you must first write the actual email in a MIMEText Assemble object. It consists of a sender, one or more Recipients, the subject and the actual text. To send it, you create an SMTP object, with the Transfer the host name of the SMTP server. The starttls method initiates the encrypted Establishing a connection, which is now common with almost all SMTP servers. Then login carries out the authentication. sendmail finally sends the e-mail.

Send an email with a bitmap

If you also want to send a picture with the email, that will Putting together the e-mail object a little more laborious: starting point is now a MIMEMultipart object that you can specify the sender, recipient, subject as well add the message text as MIMEText. You read the image file to be embedded first in a MIMEImage object and then add this object to the MIMEMultipart Object. Repeat this procedure if you have multiple images at once want to transfer.

Send a recording of the Raspberry Pi camera

With this basic knowledge, it is no longer a problem to write a Python script program that first creates a recording with the Raspberry Pi camera and the photo is then sent via email.


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