Vibration sensor, Vibration measurement, vibration detector “SW 420”

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2020)

vibration sensor


This Tutorial is about the SW-420 vibration sensor Interfacing and Programming using Arduino Uno. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use a vibration sensor with Arduino and control an led when a certain pre-defined value is exceeded. This is an introductory tutorial and covers only the basics, covering the sensor pinouts, it’s interfacing with the Arduino, and basic programming.

While in my upcoming tutorials the same vibration sensor will be used in an earthquake notification system using gsm and wireless sensor network using ZigBee or xbee.

For the detailed discussion watch video tutorial “Click Here

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Sensor Interfacing with Arduino:


vibration sensor

It has a total of 3 male headers clearly labeled with D0, GND, and Vcc.

vibration sensor

Insert the vibration sensor into the vero board…now connect D0 pin of the sensor with pin number 9 of the Arduino…connect the ground pin of the  sensor with the ground pin of the Arduino….connect Vcc of the vibration sensor with the Arduino’s 5v…..insert led into the breadboard…connect a 330-ohm resistor on the anode side of the led, this is a current limiting resistor….connect the cathode side of the led with the Arduino’s ground…connect the anode side of the led with pin number 13….we are done with the interfacing.

Arduino Programming:

For the detailed step by step explanation watch video tutorial “Click Here

Watch Video Tutorial:

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