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3D printed Water Pump using 775 Motor

3D Printed Water Pump Using 775 Motor:

3d printed water pump

3D printed Water Pump using 775 Motor– Who doesn’t like to make useful 3d printed projects, Most of the electronics makers are willing to make something useful out of DC motors, Yes in this article we are making a powerful 3d printed centrifugal water pump using 775 Motor.

In this article, we will cover everything from design to the final water pump, and the best part is you can try to build this as I have given all the design files for free; so, that my readers can take advantage.

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What is a centrifugal water pump?

3d printed water pump

The water pump is a device that moves water from one place to another, there are many kinds of water pumps, but we are focusing here only on the centrifugal type.

In a centrifugal-type water pump, we are using centrifugal force to life the water from the source, impeller is a device that is attached to a dc motor shaft that spins at very high rpm along with torque.

When water enters this impeller, it gets carried inside the water pump case and gets transferred all the way up to the outlet side of the pump, this happens several times a second hence we have a steady supply of water throughout the system.

The same principle is used in actual motors available in the market but with several times the price at which we are going to build in this project, So now we will see how to make this.

Materials required to make water pump

  • 3D Printer
  • Design files(given below)
  • PLA filament
  • Screwsx2
  • Rubber piece for insulating
  • Marker and compass
  • Scissors
  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • Bucket of water for testing

3D Design for water pump

As said earlier it works on centrifugal force and it is the outward force of the water that determines the output pressure, Taking care of all the factors these Designs are made, I will be giving a short description of all the design files used to build this

Download stl 3d parts of Outer Casing and Impeller.

3d printed water pump

This is the outer case for a pump that is having slots for inlet and outlet supply, I have used PLA filament with 100% infill to print this as lower infill may lead to a weak part that might fail during the working

3d printed water pump

One thing to be taken care of here is to use supports while printing as we have overhanging parts, it will take time to get the print done.

After printing this we will make an impeller that is the main part of this project. The design can be seen in the below image

3d printed water pump

These are the factors to be considered during impeller designing.

Number of blades and the angle of blades

As we know the centrifugal force formula is F=mrw2, Where F=force, m=mass, w=angular velocity, r=distance from the origin

The printed impeller with 100% infill is shown in the below image

3d printed water pump

In a very simple way to explain centrifugal force, I will give an example of a washing machine, when you put clothes to a centrifugal dryer the clothes get dry in very less time, the water particles get thrown out due to centrifugal force.

Same effect is observed here, but instead of clothes, we are using water.

Water entering the case will be thrown away outside(to the walls of casing) this happens very fast as a result pressure will be built that ultimately will be thrown away from an outlet that is provided at the mid-upper part of the casing.

3d printed water pump

This is the outer case or covering lid for our pump and it has a small extension for connecting the water pipe.

There is no need for any additional sealing as we are using press-fit type of connection.

3d printed water pump

You can ensure double seal by adding a few drops of PVC glue and it is a completely optional process, I did not use any glue to connect this to the main body as it by default is water-sealed.

Assembly of 3d printed parts

After printing all the parts we can start to assemble them, but we need to remove extra supports that was given during the printing time

3d printed water pump

After cleaning we have these parts and we can assemble them to 775 motors, we will be connecting these directly to the motor using 2 screws.

To prevent water from entering the motor I will be using a rubber seal, to make the rubber seal I made use of a rubber tube that was cut to the shape of the outer case

3d printed water pump

Cut the holes so that they can enter the motor shaft, add the glue to the rubber base and attach it to the backside of the outer case.

After drying we can add screws to the dc motor and tighten it using screws.

3d printed water pump

Finally, we can add an impeller to the motor shaft, I recommend sanding the inner hole of the impeller.

Connect the impeller and add a drop of superglue after attaching the impeller to the shaft.

Finally, add the impeller and close the outer case

3d printed water pump

Now we can finish this project by adding wires to dc motor, I solder single strand wires because during the load multi-strand wires may burn due to the heat produced.

3d printed water pump

I will be using 3 lithium-ion batteries to power this pump, this is a 12v dc motor and for the full capacity we need a 12v supply

Once we complete soldering we can test it out, just dip this pump that touches the top surface of the water.

Connect supply and watch your pump throwing out water.

Working video of water pump:

Coming soon…


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