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Diy 12V Mini Electric Griddle, Electric Hotplate, Electric Frying Pan

Diy Mini Electric Griddle, Description:


Diy 12V Mini Electric Griddle, Electric Hotplate, Electric Frying Pan- In this tutorial, you will learn how to make this portable mini electric griddle at your home for camping. You can run this electric Griddle on a 12V battery or a solar panel. People in Pakistan and India call this Roti Maker or Tawah. I am performing this experiment; just to help you guys how to get started. Once you learn how to make this very basic electric griddle then you can design yourself a fancy electric griddle.

diy electric griddle

Recently, I got this 80 watts PTC Heater Plate which I previously used to boil some water. Since this Heater plate is cable to raise the temperature above 100 degrees Celsius, so, I thought why not to make a Mini Electric Griddle with it. In fact, with this PTC heater plate, you can also make Electric Frying Pan or Electric Skillet, etc. First, I will show you how I made this mini electric griddle and then I will share with you the test results and I will also tell you how much time It took me to cook 4 breads. Without any further delay let’s get started!!!

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Mini Electric Griddle Making:

diy electric griddle

For making this Mini Electric Griddle or Electric Frying Pan you will need Aluminum plate which you can easily find in the kitchen. Since I have only one PTC Heater plate so that’s why I decided to make a mini electric griddle, if you have 2 or 3 of these PTC heater plates then you can build a bigger electric griddle, Anyways, I decided to start with 140mm diameter aluminum plate.

diy electric griddle

The making of this mini electric griddle is so simple, as you can see in the image above. I simply cut the aluminum plate and fixed the PTC heater plate. You can also apply some thermal paste to the heater plate to get nice surface contact. Be very carefully while cutting the aluminum plate and don’t forget to smooth the edges using sandpaper.

diy electric griddle

My electric Griddle is ready and let’s first check how quickly it raises the temperature. I just connected my 12V dc power supply. My Qaiweets smart digital multimeter is already ON and I am going to use this K-type thermocouple to measure the temperature.

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diy electric griddle

As you can see the temperature is increasing quickly, it’s been two minutes and now the temperature is around 107 degrees Celsius at the center of the Aluminum plate, at the outer edges the temperature is still below 90 Degrees as I am using the heater plate at the center, so it will take a minute or so to raise the temperature at the outer edges, after waiting for 1 more minute the temperature increased to 115 degrees Celsius and it was still increasing. At this point, I decided to start cooking some flatbreads.

diy electric griddle

So, after 25 minutes of waiting here is my first hot crisply flatbread. I know, it took a lot of time to cook this mini flatbread, but at least it’s working. The cooking time can be reduced if we use two or three of these PTC heater plates and this way we can build a fully functional and completely portable battery or solar operated Electric Griddle, Frying pan, or skillet etc.

diy electric griddle

Cooking a Paratha was much easier as the cooking coil reduced the time and this time it took me 15 minutes to cook this mini soft Paratha. It took me around 70 minutes to cook all 4 pieces of bread. So, from all these tests, it’s obvious we can make different cooking machines using a number of these PTC heater plates. 1 Heater plate isn’t enough; you will need at least 3 or 4 of these heater plates to make a fully functional Electric Griddle, Electric Fry Pan, or Electric Skillet, etc. So, that’s all for now.

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