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Top 10 Arduino Projects 2019 “Final Year Engineering Project ideas ”Electrical+Electronics”



TOP 10 Arduino Projects- In this Article, I am going to share with you top 10 Arduino projects.  The projects tutorial links are given below. These projects can be used as Final year engineering projects. The projects that I am about to share with you guys are very easy to modify. For more amazing Projects you can also visit my YouTube channel Click Here” 

Project Number 10:

Control Your car wirelessly using Bluetooth and Android cell phone plus anti-theft protection.

This project is designed to control any car wirelessly using an android cell phone. This project also helps you how to protect your car from being stolen. This project is based on atmega328 microcontroller and Hc-05 or HC-06 Bluetooth module. I named this project a Bluematic car, a car that can be controlled using an android cell phone and Bluetooth.

Bluematic car is an app designed for the security of your Car. The Bluematic car allows you to operate your car without even touching it…it has a number of features including, anti-theft. Ignition and doors unlocking, in case you forget your keys inside the car or you lose your keys while the car is locked, do not panic, take out your cell phone and using your cell phone you can unlock the doors… by enabling the anti-theft function nobody can start your car even if he has a key to do so…if you suspect anyone near your car, you can horn to scare the people away..even if someone removes the battery terminals, the car won’t reset, that’s how efficiently the anti-theft function works.

You can further modify this project by adding the radiator water level monitoring, and an ultrasonic sensor that can help you in parking and so on.

Project Number 9:

Arduino Image Processing human face recognition and Entrance control using electronic lock, and emgucv

This is an image processing based human recognition system for entrance control. In this project, an application is designed in which is used to detect the human face using the XML file. Once the human face is detected then a command is sent to the Arduino to open or close the entrance. Just keep in mind the door will open for any person. But don’t worry at all,  if you want to modify this project and want to open the door only for a specific person then you can train your own XML file. A few days back I uploaded a tutorial on how to make your own XML file, In which I created an XML file for tracking the eye pupil, you can use the same technique to make an XML file that will only identify a specific person. While the programming remains the same. all you need is just to change the name of the XML file and adjust the values a little bit.

Project Number 8:

GSM and GPS based car accident location tracking

Nowadays a lot of accidents happen on highways due to increase in traffic and also due to rash driving of the drivers. And in many situations, the family members or the ambulance and police authority is not informed in time. This result in delaying the help reached to the person suffered due to an accident.

In this project, limit switches are used to sense if the car is hit by another car or a wall etc. while the neo 6m GPS module is used to access the longitude and latitude values. The longitude and latitude values are sent using the GSM module.

Arduino Project Number 7:

 GSM based GAS leakage detection and SMS alert

This project is based on the Smoke/gas leakage detection and SMS alert system. When  Gas or smoke is detected a message is sent to the desired person using a gsm module.  Unlike other projects, this project can also be modified by adding a solenoid valve for the automatic valve shutdown.

Arduino Project Number 6:

Wireless Tongue-controlled wheelchair

In this project, a wheelchair is wirelessly controlled using Tongue movement. In this project, a permanent magnet is used with 4 magnetic hall effect sensors to control the wheelchair. This wheelchair is also controlled using the push buttons. For the wireless communication 433 Mhz rf transmitters and receivers are used. This project can be further modified by adding an obstacle detection system, adding some automatic lights, some indicators etc.

Arduino Project Number 5:

Human Posture Monitoring System

This is a bio-medical project designed for monitoring human posture. In case of a bad posture, the buzzer is turned on. The sensor used in this project for monitoring the posture is a Flex sensor or bend sensor.

This project can also be easily modified, you can attach a 433Mhz rf transmitter and receiver to send data to the computer application, or you can also connect Nodemcu esp8266 wifi module to send data to a remote location. I have so many tutorials on Nodemcu module, check the playlist.

Project Number 4:

RFID based bike anti-theft system

Arduino Projects Number 3:

RFID based students attendance system

First of all, a teacher swipes a card and is marked present, then the timer is started and messages are sent to all the students, that the teacher has arrived…………….. If the students swipe their cards within the specified time they will be marked present………. and the rest of the students will be marked absent……and messages will be sent to their parents…..

Project Number 2:

Piezo Electric Power generation

This is a power generation project and uses 4 sheets of piezoelectric sensors to generate electricity. Each sheet consists of 18 piezoelectric sensors. This project can be further modified by adding an Arduino based voltmeter.

Project Number 1:

iot car parking monitoring system using Nodemcu esp8266 wifi module and Blynk application.

With the help of this project, the car parking slots can be monitored from anywhere around the world using Nodemcu esp8266 wifi module, Arduino Uno and Blynk Application.

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