Arduino Power Supply Module

Arduino Power Supply Module for Sensors 12v, 5v, and 3.3 volts

Description: Arduino Power Supply Module for Sensors- While working on any electronics-based project you always need a power supply to power up your sensors, relays, and motors, etc. In this tutorial, you... Read more »
Arduino IR Remote

Arduino IR Remote based Fan speed controlling, Library, circuit, & code

Description: Arduino IR Remote- In this Tutorial, you will learn how to control the speed of a dc Fan using IR remote, Optocoupler, TIP122, IR Sensor and Arduino Uno or Mega. In... Read more »
Bluetooth controlled Robot

Arduino Bluetooth controlled Robot using L298n Motor Driver Android App

Description: Bluetooth Controlled Robot- In this Tutorial, you will learn how to make an Arduino Bluetooth controlled Robot Car using L298N Motor Driver and An Android Cell Phone Application. The application is... Read more »
iot 16x2 LCD

IOT 16×2 LCD using Nodemcu esp8266, wireless LCD Display

Description: IOT 16×2 LCD can be used for the remote data monitoring using Nodemcu Esp8266 wifi Module and Blynk Application. I have been using 16×2 LCD for displaying the sensors data. 16×2... Read more »
hybrid relay

Hybrid Relay Designing, Programming, and Simulation

Description: This Article is about the Hybrid Relay designing, Programming and Simulation. The Hybrid relay simulation is designed in Proteus and the Program is written in the Arduino IDE. After studying this... Read more »
wireless vibration sensor

Wireless vibration sensor, iot vibration sensor, Industrial vibration sensor “nodemcu esp8266”

Description: In this Tutorial, you will learn how to monitor the Vibration wirelessly using Nodemcu esp8266 wifi module, Vibration sensor SW- 420, and Blynk application. As the wireless vibration sensor is an... Read more »
Arduino Projects

Top 10 Arduino Projects 2019 “Final Year Engineering Project ideas ”Electrical+Electronics”

Description: TOP 10 Arduino Projects- In this Article, I am going to share with you top 10 Arduino projects.  The projects tutorial links are given below. These projects can be used as... Read more »
automatic water tap

Automatic Water Tap without using Arduino

Description: Automatic Water Tap- In this Tutorial, you will learn how to make a low-cost automatic water tap control system without using the Arduino. A few days back I got a message... Read more »