Arduino Uno limit switch Interfacing and Programming

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2019)

limit switch


 This is a very detailed tutorial on how to use a limit switch with Arduino or Mega. This Tutorial explains everything from interfacing to the final testing. For the complete circuit explanation and programming watch video tutorial “Click Here”.

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Arduino Uno:
Mega 2560:
limit switch:  Best deal “pack”:
lm7805 Voltage Regulator:
330-ohm resistors pack:
female DC power jack socket:
470 uf capacitors:
5×7 cm vero board:
female headers:
connection wires:
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Bread Board:
12v Adaptor:
PCB plate:
Variable Supply:
Digital Multimeter:
Vero Board / strip board:
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Solder wire:
Wire Stripper:
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limit switch

Limit switches are one of the most commonly used electronic components, the limit_switches are used in a situation where we need to define the limits. Like for example, the movement of the Pneumatic cylinder can be controlled using the limit switch as demonstrated in the video. Limit switches are most commonly used in industries. If you look at the construction of the limit switch you will find that it’s just like the ordinary push button but with a different design.

In the market we have different types of  switches like roller type limit switches, no matter which limitswitch you use, the basic working principle is exactly the same. This limit switch can also be used with Mega, tinny, 8051 microcontrollers, pic microcontroller, plc,raspberry pi,etc.  for the limit switch interfacing watch this Video Tutorial “Click Here

Arduino Programming:

Watch Video Tutorial:

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