Car accident location tracking using GSM, GPS, and Arduino

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2020)

location tracking


Car accident location– In this tutorial, we are going to make our own car accident detection unit which can be easily fitted inside the DashBoard or bonnet of the car. Arduino GPS car accident location tracking system is completely based on the Neo 6m gps module and SIM900A gsm module. The Arduino GPS car accident location tracking system can be used throughout the world.

For the Detailed step by step explanation, you can watch a Video Tutorial “Click Here

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SIM900A gsm Module:

location tracking

This is the GSM module that I will be using in this tutorial, in the market we have different types of GSM modules, the one I will be using today is sim900A, the same code is also tested on sim900D, so if you want you can also use sim900D.

If you are from Pakistan, Bangladesh or India make sure you purchase the unlocked version of the sim900A. This GSM sim900A module the one we will be using in this tutorial, as you can see on the screen has no Onboard voltage regulator, so be careful while applying the voltage. Ideal voltage for this GSM module is 4.7v but you can also connect it with the 5v adaptor.

As the ideal voltage for this gsm module is 4.7v to 5volts, so any voltage above this can damage the gsm module. If you don’t have the regulated 5v adaptor then you can also use an lm317t adjustable voltage regulator. I have a very detailed tutorial on this. Watch the video “Click Here

As you can see sim900A module have so many pins which are clearly labeled but we will be using only 5 of these pins, the power supply pins, GND, Rxd 5v, and txd 5v. The GND of the gsm sim900A module will be connected with the Arduino GND, TXD of the gsm sim900A will be connected with the Arduino pin7 and finally, the RXD of the gsm sim900A module will be connected with the  Arduino pin8.

Neo 6M GPS Module used in Car accident location tracking:

location tracking

This is the Neo-6M  GPS module that we gonna be using in this Tutorial. This gps module can be interfaced with the Arduino using VCC, rx, tx, and gnd. For the easy interfacing, we will need to solder 4 wires with this Neo 6M GPS module. For the Soldering watch Video Tutorial Click Here

The Neo 6M GPS module needs 3 to 5v. I will use the Arduino’s 5v and its default baud rate is 9600 which we will be using in the programming.

Circuit Diagram of the Car accident location tracking:

location tracking

This is the complete circuit diagram of the Arduino GPS car accident location tracking system.

This schematic is designed in cadesoft eagle, if you want to learn how to make schematics and pcb’s then you can watch my tutorials visit my YouTube channel Electronic Clinic”. The Neo-6MGPS  and gsm sim900A modules interfacing with Arduino is very simple. As you can see in the circuit diagram the VCC of the GPS module is connected with 5v, Rx will be connected with pin3 of the Arduino, tx will be connected with pin2 of the Arduino and Gnd will be connected with the Arduino GND.

tx of the sim900A is connected with pin7 of Arduino, Rx of the sim900A is connected with pin8 of Arduino and is connected with the GND of Arduino. A power supply is connected with sim900A ideal voltage is 4.7v to 5v.

The limit switch is connected with pin4 of the Arduino, so when the limit switch is activated it will give 0 zero “gnd” as a signal to the Arduino this signal means that the car is hit.


Watch Video Tutorial:


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